Terjemahan dari appease
calm, soothe, appease, quiet, pacify, compose
ease, alleviate, assuage, mitigate, calm, appease
reassure, calm, pacify, placate, appease, rest
memenuhi tuntutan
praise, appease
Definisi appease
pacify or placate (someone) by acceding to their demands.
amendments have been added to appease local pressure groups
sinonim: conciliate, placate, pacify, mollify, propitiate, reconcile, win over
relieve or satisfy (a demand or a feeling).
we give to charity because it appeases our guilt
sinonim: satisfy, fulfill, gratify, indulge, assuage, relieve
  • conciliate, placate, pacify, mollify, propitiate, reconcile, win over
  • satisfy, fulfill, gratify, indulge, assuage, relieve
  • stay, quell
  • gentle, conciliate, mollify, lenify, pacify, placate, gruntle, assuage
  • propitiate
Lebih sedikit sinonim
After some research, I see that one can sacrifice goats in order to gain riches or appease the gods.
I sometimes had to resort to printing out stories from the online edition of my local paper to appeaseher.
He denied that the death of Christ was necessary to satisfy divine justice and appease God’s wrath.
She agreed to start paying income tax to appease the people as a result.
The website contains enough hard facts to appease the historians, and leaves enough questions to enthrall the mystery lovers.
We eat candy bars as fast as we can peel them to appease our oral fixations and our need for a fix.
And we refuse to appease the aggression and brutality of evil men.
She knew it was only a nightmare, but somehow that didn’t appease the terror she felt.
The specter of killing the innocent to appease some nameless fear disgusted even the hardened
They were getting desperate, and soliciting the same types in order to appease their clients.
I just hope it will not be one of those cases where they say something will be investigated just toappease the people.
God to me is simply an artefact of my brain, a curiosity that has evolved to appease the terrors of contemplating my own end.
The only thing that it can do now to appease the people would be to resign.
The captain fidgeted as he reached for the words to say to make her understand and to appease her fears.
I’m strong and weak is doing things that would appease people, and weak is not speaking the truth.
amendments have been added to appease local pressure groups
I was thinking of putting in another willy story just to appease the constant requests I get.
amendments have been added to appease local pressure groups
It has become commonplace for the appeasers to speak of ‘millions of deaths’ among the opponents’ civilian population and to warn of widespread ecological and economic disaster.
Relationships are continuously played out as a game, an endeavour that appeases the passions, as each character presents their vulgar view of the non-existence of love.
Apparently dancing with a gay guy appeases a girl’s desire to dance, which at the same time is not construed as flirtation.
This isn’t quite the same as being a bunch of spineless appeasers .
I have returned to you in this lifetime, and in the future, I will find you again and again until our love isappeased , if that is ever possible.
Coming off the bench on Wednesday appeased him, but he believes a point may come when he is so upset by his treatment that he will decline to be selected for future squads.
So, the tension is in the past and the sexual curiosity was appeased .
But despite spending nearly £6,000 on sound-proofing the PA system a month ago, it has notappeased residents.
To appeasers , rough men are coarse government tools.
Once more therapists and appeasers rushed to the scene to end the debate before people could discuss the interesting problems it raised.
Read it if you want to know the cost of appeasing our enemies, and especially if you’re still not quite sure just who are enemy is (hint, it’s not us).
Given his record for stirring controversy and goading spectators sometimes to the point of violence, you believe that appeasing the audience is low on his list of priorities.



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