Terjemahan dari oppressive
heavy, severe, serious, tough, strenuous, oppressive
bersifat menindas
oppressive, repressive, suppressive
bersifat menekan
oppressive, suppressive, repressive, crushing
yg menyesakkan nafas
smothering, breathtaking, oppressive, smothery
Definisi oppressive
unjustly inflicting hardship and constraint, especially on a minority or other subordinate group.
an oppressive dictatorship
sinonim: harsh, cruel, brutal, repressive, tyrannical, tyrannous, iron-fisted, autocratic, dictatorial, despotic, undemocratic, ruthless, merciless, pitiless, draconian
  • harsh, cruel, brutal, repressive, tyrannical, tyrannous, iron-fisted, autocratic, dictatorial,despotic, undemocratic, ruthless, merciless, pitiless, draconian
  • overwhelming, overpowering, unbearable, unendurable, intolerable, burdensome
  • muggy, close, heavy, hot, humid, sticky, steamy, airless, stuffy, stifling, suffocating, sultry
  • tyrannical, tyrannous
Lebih sedikit sinonim
Contoh oppresive
Freak hailstorms will victimize the prairies while oppressive heat waves cook southern Ontario.
The building radiated an oppressive atmosphere, loaded with the anguish of men and women facing death.
I hated the unjust, oppressive system so, in my twenties, I fled the country illegally to seek truth and freedom in the West.
The sun rose, becoming oppressive as we traveled through the chain of islands.
People take their future into their own hands and rebel against an oppressive authority.
Examples of the oppressive and repressive treatment of women abound.
Wentworth had a threateningly dark and oppressive atmosphere whereas I can honestly say I’ve been in scarier factory canteens than the one at Larkhall.
All the Tests lasted a full five days and were attended by a sizeable crowd despite stifling security,oppressive weather and poor facilities at the venues.
Does the coercive and oppressive treatment of weaving children differ only by degree from the treatment of all carpet weavers?
On a summer evening, a swab of jasmine or khus lifts your spirits in the oppressive heat of Northern India.
U.S. juries have a proud and heroic tradition of standing up to tyranny and saying no to oppressive , unjust, or misapplied laws.
The oppressive weather we’ve had this past week makes me want to sleep all day.
Whatever oppressive tactics the authorities use, we should not let them stop us protesting and expressing our anger about their atrocities.
Wig also found that, on top of the normal pressure of call center work, the atmosphere was veryoppressive .
Women’s home life was oppressive and harsh even among the better classes.
The same oppressive atmosphere pervades the town of Soham.
Sometimes, perhaps, the vastness of sky was oppressive in the way wilderness weighed on McGregor’s Canadians.
Many prisoners, suffocating under the oppressive heat, fainted.
He is a brutal, murderous dictator, leading an oppressive regime.
Summer’s spiritual hardships are manifest through the oppressive summer heat.
Be prepared for more oppressive heat during the next two months as the dry weather will likely continue before entering the transition to the rainy season.
However, in another few seconds, they were silent again and the oppressive atmosphere returned.
They are willing to espouse the most oppressive dictatorship on earth just to be different!
When Hetty gets the good news, she packs a rucksack full of books and heads for Wordsworth country to escape the oppressive atmosphere at home.
Beneath the hot and sticky oppressive atmosphere of the venue, Jon pushed his way past the bobbing bodies toward the bar.
I could give you hundreds of examples of local communities that have been just as oppressive and unjust as nation states.
You want to come stay in Tel Aviv one of these days, now that’s oppressive weather.
When Dan Parks dropped a goal for a 12-6 lead in the 57th minute, an already seething atmosphere became oppressive .
Dolly and I had a grand siesta right through the oppressive heat of the afternoon, waking to find the early evening cooler and more pleasant altogether.
The course, as always, was immaculately presented and the weather was oppressive on the first day and overcast for the second round.



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