Terjemahan dari excruciating
terrible, horrible, awful, dreadful, appalling, excruciating
yg menyiksa
torturous, harrowing, excruciating
Definisi excruciate
intensely painful.
excruciating back pain
sinonim: agonizing, severe, acute, intense, violent, racking, searing, piercing, stabbing, raging, unbearable, unendurable, splitting, killing
torment (someone) physically or mentally.
I stand back, excruciated by the possibility
  • agonizing, severe, acute, intense, violent, racking, searing, piercing, stabbing, raging,unbearable, unendurable, splitting, killing
  • torturous, torturing, harrowing, agonizing
  • torment, rack, torture
  • torment, torture
Contoh excruciating
It is also, because it involves the lining of the lung, it involves one of the most sensitive parts of the body, and so most often, people with Mesothelioma suffer excruciating pain.
Needless to say, that if looks could kill, Darien would most certainly have died a painful andexcruciating death.
They talked non-stop for the entire flight about their mundane jobs in excruciating detail and in annoyingly loud voices.
Instead, we now have a 60 minute animated movie that tells us the story in excruciating detail, and adds a whole new series of plot twists and machinations.
They narrate in excruciating detail the sordid character of life on death row and the inmates’ encounters with prison guards, wardens, attorneys and others.
A century ago, high blood pressure, pneumonia, appendicitis, and diabetes, likely meant death, often accompanied by excruciating pain.
He goes into excruciating detail discussing the treatment for tuberculosis in the 1940s and Orwell’s physical agonies.
The second thing he realized was the excruciating and piercing pain that had manifested from his left thigh.
She has suffered bouts of total paralysis, is constantly fatigued and is racked by regular spasms ofexcruciating pain.
With Open Hearts, she effectively documents, in minute, excruciating , vivid detail, what happens when a family is torn apart by infidelity.
Maybe I can prevent the excruciating pain and unbearable suffering from others in my generation.
I call it seven of the most excruciating and awkward minutes of my life.
Farah is willing to bring out all the emotional guns to convince his readers of the horror of the situation, describing the scene in excruciating detail.
As soon as I land into a boutique or department store I am struck down with a bout of excessive yawning and excruciating boredom.
The affidavit is excruciating in its forensic detail.
They spelled out in excruciating detail the horrors of the past and called for zero tolerance for priests who abuse minors.
Each product will be have to be passed around and examined by every guest in excruciating detail.
Some claimed that he signed a deal with the devil, who had come to collect, and that after three days of excruciating pain, he fell to his hands and knees, howled like a dog, and dropped dead.
The flashes of light through the window became suddenly painful, excruciating .
And it felt like I was literally being torn in every direction, ripped apart, just cell-by-cell, justexcruciating pain.
He came to collect her and I had to suffer another fifteen minutes of excruciating boredom as he talked at me about things I have no interest in.
He had been in the mess drinking beer with friends when suddenly he developed severe, excruciatingchest pain.
It might be pointed out that the state already regulates, in excruciating detail, passive methods that have to be taken.
He’d sit there all day through what must have been excruciating boredom.
They talked about pedicures and shopping in excruciating detail.
But this kind of pain was so excruciating , that even my hair touching my thumb and the bedsheet touching my thumb caused me to scream.
The main symptom of a slipped disc is sudden, excruciating back pain with severe back muscle spasm.
I could start trying to entrap him now, through a long, excruciating , and possibly embarrassing process.
A stroke in 1953 had left him with excruciating bouts of pain in his face; crippling agony could be brought on by even momentary concentration.
These are often written in stilted language that can be tough going, but such an excruciating level of detail is required to get the desired end result, Rivin said.
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