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a coupling between two parts enabling one to revolve without turning the other.
Patented swivel axle keeps all three wheels on the ground even on sharp turns.

turn around a point or axis or on a swivel.
he swiveled in the chair
sinonim: turn, rotate, revolve, pivot, swing, spin, twirl, whirl, wheel, gyrate, pirouette


In my opinion the best way to attach the float to the line is with a swivel attached to a short length of power gum.

A lump of clay is then placed at the centre of the motorised swivel and moulded into the desired shape.

Patented swivel axle keeps all three wheels on the ground even on sharp turns.

I have never used a spit, instead, I use a couple of meat hooks and a fishing swivel .

I had some drilled balsa bodies and I inserted a length of brass welding rod in one end and a swivel in the other.

Each groove holds the projection and stops the swivel action while the swivel base swivels to a particular orientation in the mounting base.

We quickly diagnosed the malfunction and determined that both inboard spoiler swivels required replacement.

A point to remember is that small swivels turn much easier than large ones, so if you are using a fifteen pound leader use one or two small swivels , say size 10 which have a breaking strain of about 40 pounds.

Snap hooks at each end of the sling attach to the sling swivels , allowing the rifle to be securely carried like a backpack.

Also don’t use the small buckle swivels which have become fashionable with some anglers, they don’t work and you will lose flies when casting.

Each venue would have specifically designed cruising areas, where you would stand on your own, away from your friends, eyes swivelling round like radars.

It weighed in at about 10 lb fully loaded, sporting the Kahles scope and fitted with swivels , but not wearing a sling.

He swiveled around in his chair, looked over the rims of his glasses and gave me a toothy grin.

Two semi-young security guards swiveled their chairs around to get a good look at us.

He swiveled in his chair to wait for the rest of the students to clear out of the room before he spoke.

It had been equipped with front and rear sling swivels .

Also shown is the Weatherby web sling, 1 1/4-inch width, supplied with swivels .

Sling ends are tapered to fit standard swivels .

The young man swings his legs down from the desk, swiveling around in his chair to stare at his older brother.

There are still a lot of non-locking swivels on the market.

Both are equipped with studs for sling swivels .

I swivelled my chair around and looked at the screen of my own computer, which showed me, a blue screen with a few icons shoved to the side.

Suddenly he swivelled round and began doing Groucho Marx impressions.

‘You can hang up if you want,’ he said, swivelling around in his chair.

Each model is equipped with swivel studs, swivels and a padded sling.

All you need is two one-inch swivels and the ability to choose between two good looking colors – black or chestnut.

She swiveled round and brought up one of her short swords.

The rifle also features an exhibition-grade claro walnut stock with ebony tip, cap and gold swivels .

After we had cleared the city, he set the controls and swiveled his chair around to face me.

I’m not sure if the line manager had noticed the extra wires but as he was sitting at the desk and swivelling his chair, his legs must have got tangled in the wires.



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