Terjemahan dari denounce
denounce, reproach, criticize, blame, deprecate, decry
report, notify, inform, declare, denounce
denounce, tell, tattle, snitch, squeal, charge
end, terminate, put an end to, conclude, round off, denounce
betray, rat, stab, abuse, denounce, quisle
cavil, keelhaul, stigmatize, excoriate, criticize, denounce
Definisi denounce
publicly declare to be wrong or evil.
the Assembly denounced the use of violence
sinonim: condemn, criticize, attack, censure, decry, revile, vilify, discredit, damn, reject, proscribe, malign, rail against, run down, slur, knock, slam, hit out at, lay into, castigate
  • condemn, criticize, attack, censure, decry, revile, vilify, discredit, damn, reject, proscribe,malign, rail against, run down, slur, knock, slam, hit out at, lay into, castigate
  • expose, betray, inform on, incriminate, implicate, cite, name, accuse
  • betray, stag, grass, give away, rat, tell on, snitch, shop, shit
  • stigmatize, brand, mark
Lebih sedikit sinonim
The writers say they were tortured and forced to publicly denounce their work.
There were suggestions, denounced as ludicrous by a raft of academic luminaries, that her research did not make the grade.
The colonists were interested in neither of these projects and Grey was denounced as an out-of-touch theorist.
Another example was last year’s ban on the celebrations of the 500 years of discovery, which wasdenounced as a fraud.
He is brought to jail; she publicly denounces him; and the court sentences him to six months in prison.
He was denounced as a traitor, that is, by criminals.
Survivors were denounced as traitors and suffered severe discrimination.
An informer who denounces someone to the government to be killed, imprisoned, or even fined is likened to an assailant, since being arrested can be a dangerous and traumatic experience.
So it is that jokes that might once have been accepted as bad-taste gags can now be denounced as intolerable racial insults.
As government workers, they should have shunned the denouncement of the impeachment, which is a sort of intervention in politics, especially around the time of the approaching general elections.
I tread dangerous ground, for normal reaction would surely bring instant denouncement to this apparently absurd notion.
Of course these photos are going to be denounced as fakes.
The records project an image of the denouncers – who, not surprisingly, tended to come from the same milieu as those on whom they informed – as drawn largely from groups at the lower end of the social scale.
A planned telephone mast has been denounced as a monstrosity by people in Wootton Bassett.
Great meetings are being held in which warm and angry words prevail by both favourers anddenouncers of the measure, and petitions, pro and con, to both houses of parliament, are lying for signature in all parts of this town.
Masquerading his message as a typical tale of lovers spurned and yearned, he fashioned a vitriolicdenouncement of his countrymen, people whom he saw as being more capable of lying or hiding than fighting.
Oratory is praised as the literature of the people and denounced as the instrument of the demagogue.
The weather forecast was denounced as useless by the locals.
Marisol perhaps needed to distance herself from the rumors and her verbal denouncement of the practice was a good place to start.
The most recent action to evacuate was not taken in haste, he declares, and denounces those who say it was.
Far from being the transport revolution expected, the service was denounced as a shambles, a farce and the last resort.
Any outside suggestion that reform was overdue was denounced as an assault on our sovereignty.
Moreover, he sees himself in the tradition of an H. L. Mencken or George S. Schuyler as a satiricdenouncer of all forms of cant, quackery, and nonsense.
Gambling on cricket is nothing new, and as early as 1823 a match between Hampshire and England was denounced as a fix.
Weir was arrested and confessed to sorcery; his sister Grizel was denounced as a witch.
What if the secret services denounced someone based upon information extracted under torture?
The year 1642 was largely taken up with answering tracts written against him and a fellow Frenchman, Samuel Desmarets, by his denouncer at Utrecht, Voetius.
When money is denounced as the root of all evil, we should properly understand it not as banknotes but as bright, treacherous gold.
The culture of the establishment is denounced as oppressive.
He has publicly denounced all the wrongs that were levelled on him.




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