Terjemahan dari venom
bisa ular
hatred, hate, resentment, loathing, hostility, venom
malice, spite, malevolence, jealousy, venom
venom, acrimony, acridity
Definisi venom
a poisonous substance secreted by animals such as snakes, spiders, and scorpions and typically injected into prey or aggressors by biting or stinging.
Amazingly, one of the toxins resembles an enzyme found in potent snake venoms .
sinonim: poison, toxin, bane
  • poison, toxin, bane
  • rancor, malevolence, vitriol, spite, vindictiveness, malice, maliciousness, ill will, acrimony,animosity, animus, bitterness, antagonism, hostility, bile, hate, hatred, bitchiness, cattiness
  • malice, spitefulness, spite, maliciousness
Lebih sedikit sinonim
Once again Grace spoke quietly, with absolutely no venom or malice, or any emotion at all.
His eyes flickered to Leopold, erasing any doubt that his comment had been full of venom .
Ricin is twice as deadly as cobra venom and there is no known antidote.
They were filled with such venom and hatred that Bryan was even too stunned to respond.
A number of researchers have suggested that venom toxins are modified saliva proteins.
He noted that bee venom could be poisonous to both animals and humans.
When did I stop liking people, and begin to hate them with such venom ?
Stingrays have a spine at the base of their tail that contains a venom gland.
Elizabeth, learning of his dislike, makes it a point to match his disgust with her own venom .
Inside the beans of the castor plant is a toxin seven times more deadly than cobra venom .
There are approximately 2,000 species of scorpions; of those, only around 40 to 50 contain deadlyvenom .
Pure venom shone in her eyes before she whipped around splashing through the water.
Blood tests showed that he died of spider venom poisoning.
Pity to waste good viper venom on an audience of one.
Gabrielle looked up from her book and shot him a look of pure venom .
She shot Leonard a look of pure venom as she turned for the exit.
his voice was full of venom
Cobra attacks its prey by spitting poisonous venom called neurotoxin.
his voice was full of venom
In conclusion, whole honeybee venom was found to suppress arthritic inflammation in the rat.
But for children with insect venom allergy, an insect bite can cause more severe symptoms.
My answer came with such venom dripping from every word, I surprised myself.
The dragon has wounded him, and his poisonous venom is killing the brave Beowulf.
He watched as it pierced through the protection and injected its venom .
Her voice was full of venom , and there was a very large hint that she did not like her job.
Centipedes’ modified front legs are poison claws, which they use to inject a highly toxic venom .
Adrianne spat, venom dripping from her words.
There wasn’t enough venom in my voice to make the question an accusation.
Males have hollow spurs connected to venom glands on the ankle of each hind leg.
His eyes filled with cold, deadly venom , and a short snarl escaped his lips.



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