Terjemahan dari sappy
foolish, stupid, fool, silly, idiotic, sappy
foolhardy, foolish, preposterous, rabid, sappy, scatty
watery, juicy, succulent, fleshy, sappy, sloppy
young, light, early, junior, pale, sappy
penuh daya
Definisi sappy
excessively sentimental; mawkish.
What was the deal with the bridge and the cars and the old sappy songs?
(of a plant) containing a lot of sap.
The plant life was everywhere, and richly green and sappy .
wacky, goofy, cockamamie, zany, silly, cockamamy, whacky
Really, though, there’s nothing different about this sappy collection of songs from the last.
Even minutes later, I cannot believe I posted this unbelievably predictable, sappy question.
And let’s not forget the sappy sequences of false sentiments and saccharine solace.
Romantic comedy is a genre mainly comprised of sappy , syrupy fare with few risks and fewer surprises.
When it was released, many people felt it was sappy and sentimental.
I found it to be predictable and sappy and, worse, too long.
Aside from some needlessly sappy sentimentality and a cute quirkiness to characters that sometimes seems a little too pat, the film is well written.
In every corny soap opera or sappy movie, the main characters find themselves shacked up in some seedy motel.
The script, though comical in areas, was much too sentimental and downright sappy for me to voluntarily accept.
Remove the hooks and the energy, and substitute it all with a clichéd, sappy break-up theme, and the results are nothing short of embarrassing.
Through the ages, most bands have added strings to sweeten their sappy songs, but Gordon does the opposite by pumping rock to turbo-charge his strings.
She realized that all of those sappy love songs filled with clichés were true.
They strip the bark off trees to get at the sweet, sappy tissue underneath, damaging it badly.
The plant life was everywhere, and richly green and sappy .
Of course, he refuses to end things with a clichéd and sappy Hollywood ending.
If you have only the so-called happiness you’ll grow to be like all these sappy happy people: mushy and artificial.
At times there are lush pop songs replete with sappy vocals.
Others may need support if grown in rich soils with high levels of nitrogen, as this produces masses of weak, sappy growth.
Since midsummer, torrents of big, sappy pine cones have rained down from the estimated 16 million Eastern white pine trees in Connecticut, carpeting lawns, sticking to dog paws and covering wooded areas.
Despite its grab-life-by-the-horns platitudes and sappy ending, this feel-good debut is a lively read.
I’ve always felt some cliche and sappy emotional attachment to music in general.
What was the deal with the bridge and the cars and the old sappy songs?
Their affinity for Beach Boys-like sentiment is apparent in sappy lyrics and songs titles like My First Kiss.
But even with these problems, the film is cute and fun without being overly sentimental or sappy .
It’s a little sappy at times, but then sometimes a little sappiness isn’t so bad.
We talk about marriage and all of those sappily romantic sweet things.
Christmas is the right mix of sappiness and sassiness to put even the grinchiest grump in the holiday spirit.
He gazed deeply into her eyes and grinned sappily , ‘I am so glad to see you here and smiling at me.’
The younger women and their mothers were ‘almost sappily positive’ about their relationships, he says.
Then there is the weird idea of having the entire corps lightly but sappily wave their hands in time to the music when anyone dances a solo.



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