Terjemahan dari bummer
bum, tramp, bummer, vagrant, hobo, vagabond
Definisi bummer
a thing that is annoying or disappointing.
the party was a real bummer
a loafer or vagrant.
A good number of men now filling high places in the land have been, in their Californian days, bummers .
kata seru
used to express frustration or disappointment, typically sympathetically.
You lost your wallet? Bummer!
Although it was certainly a bummer , she’d had an amazing experience, and now she has a fantastic video clip of herself singing.
Glad you enjoyed Japan, bummer about the cold though.
I turned around, relieved and I said to myself loudly ‘Well, bummer , no psychologist.’
Similarly embarrassing lyrics follow and the music melts into grating mediocrity nearing the end…bummer !
Unfortunately she has to work and then has class after work which is a bit of a bummer .
The shoulder is a bummer for paddling, but the pain in the neck is especially a bummer since it is always there.
Now i live with my girlfriend and work all day… bummer huh.
The swagman loafer, or ‘ bummer ,’ times himself, especially in bad weather, to arrive at the shed just about sundown.
Yeah it’s a bummer for a couple of days but I guess it doesn’t reflect poorly on the rest of our lives.
The site is all in frames so it’s impossible to link to specific pages, bummer .
Bufotenine is universally regarded in the drug subculture as the ‘ultimate bummer ’.
Sadly though the album is currently unavailable… double bummer .
Right, I know some people think, bummer , but we’ve got to talk about this.
The bill would allow the impecunious tramp, corner loafer, pimp and saloon bummer , who have no interests at stake, to go to the polls and make their voices heard.
He can’t see my favorite color which is a bummer , but it’s better than the ex-boyfriend who was allergic to many of my favorite foods (shrimp, clam chowder).
Miss modernage’s part II of her Coachella / California trip… i never got the Polyphonic Spree orange trucker hat from the roadie, bummer .
Anyway, my birthday last year was more of a bummer , because Rodney Dangerfield passed away.
the party was a real bummer
the team’s relegation is a real bummer
Although they are more prone to slip down, slippage is often not a problem with carbon posts, but it is abummer if it happens to you.
There are numerous hallucinogenic drugs that result in a ‘bad trip’ (or ‘ bummer ’).
While generally speaking that’s a very good thing indeed, it’s a bummer when your personal fortune is placed at the mercy of somebody’s greed.
One of the reasons I signed on is because I wanted to work with Frankenheimer, so it’s a real bummerhe’s not doing it.
The funny thing was, though, when we were checking around for a place to make the DVD, the only place that we could find that was available was the House of Blues, so we were like, bummer .
You can never be sure that the next one won’t be a frightening bummer .
Sheesh, a bummer to be sure, but the show isn’t just about despair, faulty canaries and premature death from lung cancer.
baby doesn’t have to be a travel bummer
Yeah, bummer about that, Aidis thought, wincing.
It’s a bit of a bummer – we’ve had a full time crew out canvassing, full time in this constituency for a month now.
Uh… bummer about the wok, but I’m pleased that you handle it so well.



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