Terjemahan dari detour
jalan memutar
deviation, aberration, distortion, drift, diversion, detour
turning, reversal, detour
Definisi detour
a long or roundabout route taken to avoid something or to visit somewhere along the way.
he had made a detour to a cafe
take a long or roundabout route.
he detoured around the walls
  • diversion, circuitous route, indirect route, scenic route, bypass, digression, deviation, shortcut
  • roundabout way
Much of the road at Strandside North, which leads to several other major housing estates, was also heavily flooded forcing residents to take a detour along the Military Road to get home.
Occasionally on these walks I would encounter something that was not comfortable, and frequently would have to detour certain areas because of it.
When you reach a roadblock, you have three choices: Retreat, ram stubbornly into the barrier, or take adetour and continue forward.
he had made a detour to a cafe
They are quite an attraction, lots of people come to have, like relatives who are visiting family in the area, take a detour to come and have a look.
I would detour the endless stream of motor homes
A didactic air creeps into the proceedings as the two men pick at the bones of friendship and trust, making an unexpected detour into the morality of modern marketing techniques.
Today as we were driving back from Arnprior, Ontario after a busy Thanksgiving weekend, K suggested we take a detour through Carp to see this building pictured above.
This meant that you’d be driving along, and suddenly have to take a detour , sometimes of up to 15 kilometres.
This is a view from the west towards the construction site of the new bridge across the Klein Windhoek river where traffic has to negotiate the detour and temporary road markings.
P.S. Is everybody enjoying the detour into securities law?
Many technical careers take a detour into management.
On the way to Lake Hood, take a detour to Earthquake Park.
When there is a traffic detour or a kid gets sick or I wake up late?
But when I took the no. 7 bus to work in the morning, it took a detour around the flooded roads (it must have been pretty bad).
A temporary detour has been constructed while the main road is being rebuilt and resurfaced.
This route is a longer detour than the underpass now being built at Top Lane, but would likely not be a major inconvenience for car users.
A detour into the machine’s guts to clean the heads yielded nothing, until I realized that the unit’s analog recording function was fine.
In Slovenia I made a detour to Lake Bohinj, where Agatha and second husband Max had once tried to holiday incognito, only to be run to ground by enthusiastic Slovene journalists.
It was felt the route could become deeply rutted by uncontrolled vehicular use, encouraging drivers todetour off the route onto the fells.
My Mother brow beat me into making this trip and my cousin, the one who knows how crazy they all are, wants me to detour on the way home to go see her Mother.
A closed road and a detour on the way, but I manage to find my way around that.
Some spectators were dancing right in front of the bandstand and every so often, a runner woulddetour out of the lane to join them in a few steps.
On the way to the station we take a detour to visit the flat that Joe Orton lived in for seven years prior to his death.
In order to arrive at that determination, though, we must first take a detour through the philosophical puzzle know as Newcomb’s Paradox.
The tree lay supine across the street and vehicles had to take a detour for over three hours, which time it took the Corporation employees to axe the tree into transportable portions.
Many users can get around such blocks, however, through the use of proxy servers that detour around them.
On their way from playoff also-rans to just plain also rans, the Timberwolves have made an improbabledetour into the NBA’s elite.
Most editorial writers seem determined to detour around obvious parallels with apartheid-era South Africa.
As my husband and I try to leave, a Burroughs dad stops us to insist that we detour past the lunchroom, where volunteers have set out cookies and Dunn Bros coffee.
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