Terjemahan dari effectuate
organize, carry out, perform, administer, arrange, effectuate
do, perform, make, carry out, undertake, effectuate
Definisi effectuate
put into force or operation.
school choice would effectuate a transfer of power from government to individuals
set up, effect
She has completely ignored that the 21st Amendment was enacted to effectuate the repeal of the 18th Amendment.
With tactics such as definition, cultural persuaders create knowledge and effectuate control over that which they describe.
For its part, Congress authorized the use of force to effectuate the Security Council resolutions against Iraq.
Other reporting from the field indicates the use of a combined-arms offensive – employing ground maneuver forces, artillery and aircraft – to effectuate the assault on Samarra.
This disposition often resulted in a general upsurge in the overall economy and served to effectuate the general distribution of land wealth.
Accordingly, the Court has authority to do all that is necessary to effectuate the grant of its appellate jurisdiction under section 73 of the Constitution.
The Pledge of Allegiance with all of its intended meaning does not effectuate an establishment of religion.
Similarly, our students and faculty also have the opportunity to effectuate change in our society by presenting their views and research to the world.
Typically, contracts are construed to effectuate the parties’ intent – and here, their intent, as expressed, in the contract, was to not get married.
school choice would effectuate a transfer of power from government to individuals
External actors should support and encourage indigenous actors who are engaging in internal discourse to legitimize and effectuate a particular human right.
school choice would effectuate a transfer of power from government to individuals
If the purpose of law, broadly speaking, is to effectuate political change, then, clearly, judges are political actors who must be accountable to the public like other politicians.
Its purpose was to enable the states to better effectuate their police powers by eliminating the discrimination in favor of out-of-state sellers.
The Court will likely hold that U.S. citizens detained as enemy combatants have the right to challenge their detention in court via the writ of habeas corpus, and that they have some limited right to counsel to effectuate this right.
The reason why consideration was found was because what was being put into effect was theeffectuation of, in effect, a court-approved scheme of arrangement.
The two problems that cause delay are the length of time taken by the judicial process and the problem in relation to some countries of effectuating return.
She is strongly concerned that a delay in ratification could further lower momentum for the effectuation.
Now that is, of course, in consequence of the effectuation or performance of the contract not, of course, the agreement itself.
An expert feature for effectuating certain predictable logical and intuitive behavior based upon rules stored in a knowledge base is also provided.
But a lawful order has been issued to the relatives, and we think that once the court has had an opportunity to rule on this, that the time has run and that that ought to be effectuated .
In addition to being present at proceedings, parents are encouraged, and sometimes ordered, to participate in ensuring that the order of court is effectuated .



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