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fertilize, enrich, reclaim, soil, make fertile, make prosper
Definisi enrich
improve or enhance the quality or value of.
her exposure to museums enriched her life in France
sinonim: enhance, improve, better, add to, augment, supplement, complement, boost, elevate, raise, lift, refine
make (someone) wealthy or wealthier.
top party members had enriched themselves
enhance, improve, better, add to, augment, supplement, complement, boost, elevate, raise,lift, refine
You share your wisdom and experience with others and enrich the quality of your work and relationships.
In order to compensate, 90 percent of American companies enrich white rice with powdered nutrients, in an attempt to replace some of what they took out.
I am not in the business of trying to enrich people who would like to sit in the middle as bureaucrats, as sort of quasi-political business people.
The goal would be to improve body composition, increase muscle strength and enrich the quality of life.
He’s going away to some foreign country to enrich his knowledge of other cultures.
Surface fires then are lit to kill off saplings, reduce fuel loads, enrich the soil with nutrients, and bring fire back to the forest.
A new way to govern is required to enrich democracy while improving efficiency and effectiveness.
one may enrich the echinus of a Doric capital with the egg and dart motif
Put it in stark terms and industrial workers, poorly paid, are asked to enrich young men who are already very wealthy.
To address the deficiency problem, food manufacturers enrich flour, maize, and rice and fortify breakfast cereals with iron.
Although your career may ultimately lead you to different parts of world, your network of friends and colleagues in the community will serve to enrich the quality of the life you lead.
Remember, he was an MP for a government who had passed the legislation with the express intention of enabling poorer people to become homeowners, not to further enrich millionaires.
Their aim is to improve and enrich the education of children and to support the involvement of parents in their children’s education.
Promote efforts to increase the diversity of faculty members and students at colleges and universities as a means to improve and enrich the experience of higher education.
The probe centres on the 3,500 partnerships and other affiliates created by the company to hide debt, inflate profits, push up share values and enrich top executives.
Tax policy must be stood on its head: from a means of plundering the people to enrich the millionaires and big business, it must become the instrument for a radical redistribution of wealth.
Plutonium and highly enriched uranium and other heavy fissionable isotopes fall into this category, but tritium does not.
She gave them from her maturity and freedom, a quality of life that enriched them with dignity, hope and courage.
We are fortunate to have local artists with these gifts who are willing to present them for ourenrichment .
An improved dissemination of law can increase efficiency, reduce costs and expand access to law, while also enriching the quality of justice obtained.
They are expert in producing the highly enriched uranium and plutonium that provide the explosive power.
Despite the fact that soils beneath shrubs were enriched in nutrients, soil fertility effects appear to be overshadowed by the effects of shade.
The major limiting step is acquisition of the fissile material either enriched uranium or plutonium.
In such a situation no individual is any longer penalized and none is unjustly enriched .
But investment by many of our multinationals has not enriched its people but impoverished them.
There is great diversity of perspectives, and the debate between them enriches academic inquiry and improves the general knowledge base.
Some brands of eggs are also enriched with omega-3.
Conversion is the first step in making enriched uranium that can be nuclear reactor fuel or atom bomb material.
Two of the Allies’ great wartime successes were the development of radar and the enrichment of uranium.
Uranium enriched to low grades is used for fuel in nuclear reactors, but further enrichment makes it suitable for atomic bombs.
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