Terjemahan dari usurp
seize, grab, snatch, take, capture, usurp
fight for, struggle, gain, win, usurp
merampas kuasa
Definisi usurp
take (a position of power or importance) illegally or by force.
Richard usurped the throne
sinonim: seize, take over, take possession of, take, commandeer, wrest, assume, expropriate
  • seize, take over, take possession of, take, commandeer, wrest, assume, expropriate
  • oust, overthrow, remove, topple, unseat, depose, dethrone, supplant, replace
  • assume, seize, take over, arrogate
Lebih sedikit sinonim
There’s the anecdotal phenomenon of the woman who manages to break through the glass ceiling, but kicks the ladder away so no other women can usurp her position.
Dictatorship is itself a form of corruption in which individuals usurp the role of institutions.
Government should create and sustain the conditions in which parents can fulfill their duties to their children, but it must not usurp their position.
If they feel that their base is threatened or that their members, through their own actions, can usurptheir power, then they can be forced to act.
Under this law, local ‘communities’ have the right to usurp land from its rightful owners, which must surely count as one of the biggest infringements of property rights in the modern Anglosphere.
I am not here to usurp power or win back the freedom of my people.
I believe there are more instances of the abridgment of the freedom of the people by gradual and silent encroachments of those in power than by violent and sudden usurpations .
Otherwise stated, schools are usurping the parental role of teaching personal values to children.
Schools have usurped the role of parents in terms of making decisions about their children.
His father’s second wife was first in line to the usurped Ming dynasty.
These obligations discourage a naked usurpation of power by judges.
The ruler belonged to Rai dynasty, a Shudra king, who was usurped by a Brahmin named Chach.
This is coercion, an usurpation of personal autonomy, and deeply destructive of human freedom.
Why do you not fight while your enemy usurps your land, kills your brothers and slaps you in the face…?
She usurped power from her husband and established her rule for almost two decades.
James raised an Irish army against his usurpers but was defeated at the Boyne in 1690.
Isn’t the person to whom ownership has been transferred deserving of the full protection that the government grants to owners of property against other sorts of usurpers ?
Although part of the agreement was the rehabilitation of settlers who had usurped tribal land, there is nowhere else for them to go.
So, until a new king is chosen, the crown must be kept safe from usurpers .
Whatever Vivian’s birth, she had usurped my mother’s place.
This is another massive usurpation of local control of public schools, draped in the faux fabric of federal accountability.
The Pope’s quarrel with the Italian state, which had usurped his position in Rome, made it all the more necessary to reach a settlement with the French Government.
This is not the place to detail the history of the wars and battles that occurred as the settlers usurpedthe ancient territories of the indigenes.
He that doth usurp upon it, the Law doth intend that he hath purposed the destruction of the Prince.
The justices were denounced as usurpers of a power that rightly belonged to the elected representatives of the people.
Her powers have been usurped by the Chief Justice and reallocated to other people.
Eve, Prometheus, Pandora, and Frankenstein all try to usurp upon divine authority and all suffer the consequences.
Move over Blocker, you’ve been usurped , dethroned and pretty-much dumped as Rugby League’s loosest lip.
The Government, on behalf of the people, will not tolerate the usurpation of the functions of any of the institutions of the State by any individual or group.
In the event the thing she most feared came about when Edward IV usurped the throne.




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