Terjemahan dari muck
pollute, litter, soil, mess, mar, muck
fertilize, nourish, manure, muck, bring up, rear
membuat berantakan
muddle, muck
Definisi muck
mishandle (a job or situation); spoil (something).
she had mucked up her first few weeks at college
remove (manure and other dirt) from a horse’s stable or other animal’s dwelling.
He’d asked me to muck a few horses out and I decided to take a radio down to keep myself entertained.
spread manure on (land).
Help muck the fields and move hay.
  • manure
  • mud, mire, muck up
Contoh mucking
  • When I go home to my parents in Pennsylvania, people are amazed to see me in the barn, all filthy, mucking stalls out in wellies.
  • It is one thing to have the US government mucking things up overseas.
  • That won’t be the best of all possible outcomes but it’s better than if the Liberals get another chance at mucking things up .
  • Maybe it’s the girls who have mucked things up in this case.
  • But no, they insist on mucking it up by deciding for themselves.
  • He’d asked me to muck a few horses out and I decided to take a radio down to keep myself entertained.
  • The other four muck out – clean out the stables – and do the administration.
  • With the horses we mucked the fields and then went out in the morning to feed everyone.
  • Straw bedding is fine as long as it is mucked out daily, removing all wet material and keeping the bedding as clean as possible at all times.
  • But when the blueprint demands mediocrity, why bother mucking it up with excellence?
  • One of the hardest things we ever have to learn is that you can’t lead other people’s lives for them, however intent they seem on mucking them up .
  • In return I had to help muck out and clean the tack.
  • The empty stalls were full of straw, but at least they had been mucked out .
  • Help muck the fields and move hay.
  • I get scared that I shall muck something up badly, so I tend not to volunteer for things.
  • If anything, they’ve gotten a bit crafty with the songwriting, without mucking it up by trying to reinvent the wheel.
  • I guess we have to wait for the mainstream media to muck things up this badly.
  • I went back to her stall and started to muck it out .
  • When I was a kid, of course, I drew in them, ripped pages and covers, and generally mucked them up, but by the time I was in university I kept all my books in perfect shape.
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