Delinquent artinya nakal, jahat, atau badung


Contoh Kalimat Untuk Pemahaman :

In his half-mast trousers, short-cut jacket and spiky wig, he looks like a delinquent Jack Horner.

Lower provisions for delinquent loans also helped.

The truth is, we’re just beginning the real descent into Lawsuit Hell – a place where average citizens injured by delinquent doctors or defective products are denied any recourse.

When we focus only on delinquent students, we allow some of the real culprits in this cycle of school degeneration to escape unscathed.

She’s also the only proper grown-up on the show, trying to keep her family together as she deals with an unfaithful husband and a delinquent son.

In fact, they mattered more than her wretchedness, even more than my loved, lost and delinquent father who had put us in this situation.

By the end of the year, 10% of the poor quality loans turn seriously delinquent with little chance of collection.

‘When the previous home was there, which housed delinquent teenagers, they did not feel the need to fence them in like this,’ she added.

The loan officer agreed to extend the delinquent ‘s due date and offered him an additional $250,000 to get through the rough times.

Take caution in pursuing delinquent accounts.

One thinks of Yeats’s poem on another delinquent genius, Catullus.

At this level, the authorities must deal with delinquent parents who literally nurture criminals, almost the way other parents work hard to mould their children into decent citizens.

Chasing down delinquent accounts is no fun either.

The home was intended to provide temporary shelter for dependent and delinquent children until permanent placement in homes or institutions could be arranged.

In some places, he used some harsh language to blame the irresponsible parents for their lack of support for their delinquent children.

Proceeds from the sale must be applied first to delinquent rent and, if authorized by the lease, to the costs of packing, moving and storing the property.

She got a particularly strong ovation, especially from female patrons, when she rendered a ditty about making delinquent fathers support their children.

Leaflets published outside the country blamed the government, accusing it of being delinquent in carrying out its duties and criticizing the deployment of troops to suppress the uprising.

To be precise, the delinquency rates are calculated as the percent of borrowers holding a particular type of credit who are delinquent 30 + days on one or more accounts.

His guess as to how many of the little delinquent brats he works with will wind up in jail: Not too many of them.

She was probably some delinquent teenager’s mom.

Usually, these delinquent mothers are charged by the police and have to serve a sentence.

Punish the delinquent employees and also the people who contaminate the atmosphere.

Loan delinquencies have steadily risen in the past 24 months, to the point where nearly 1 in 20 home loans is delinquent – one of the highest rates in the past decade.

In the circumstances, it seems extraordinarily delinquent on the part of the regulators to abrogate their collective responsibilities in this area.

Wage garnishment is a creditor collection tool that a delinquent debtor can escape by filing for bankruptcy.

It waived millions of dollars in delinquent fees on late-paying cardholders and increased credit limits to cash-starved clients.

Fortunately, you can collect delinquent receivables and keep your valued clients.

A consumer can be delinquent on one account and pay other accounts on schedule.

But they are commonly seen as aberrations from a peaceful norm, or as the exceptional behaviour of a few young and delinquent drivers.



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