Terjemahan dari slump
slump, decline, degenerate, sink, slip, dwindle
pile up, heap, slump, amass, deposit
stack, slump, pile up, bank, jam, hoard
collect, gather, raise, put together, accumulate, slump
jatuh keras
sit, sit down, sit up, take a seat, settle, slump
bergerak dgn kurang tangkas
slummock, slump
reda dgn tiba-tiba
slump, decline, deterioration, decadence, decadency, lapse
jumlah besar
bulk, quantity, vast, multiplicity, reams, slump
swamp, bog, marsh, quagmire, morass, slump
marsh, swamp, quagmire, morass, quag, slump


Definisi slump
a sudden severe or prolonged fall in the price, value, or amount of something.
a slump in annual profits
sinonim: steep fall, drop, tumble, downturn, downswing, slide, decline, decrease, nosedive
sit, lean, or fall heavily and limply, especially with a bent back.
she slumped against the cushions
sinonim: sit heavily, flop, flump, collapse, sink, fall, plunk oneself
undergo a sudden severe or prolonged fall in price, value, or amount.
land prices slumped
sinonim: fall steeply, plummet, tumble, drop, go down, crash, nosedive
  • steep fall, drop, tumble, downturn, downswing, slide, decline, decrease, nosedive
  • recession, economic decline, depression, slowdown, stagnation
  • depression, economic crisis
  • drop-off, falling off, falloff, slack
  • sit heavily, flop, flump, collapse, sink, fall, plunk oneself
  • fall steeply, plummet, tumble, drop, go down, crash, nosedive
  • decline, deteriorate, degenerate, worsen, slip, go downhill
  • slouch
  • decline, correct
  • slide down, sink
  • sink, fall off
Lebih sedikit sinonim
Chen was elected with just a plurality in a three-man race in 2000 and has since presided over an economic slump .
In the wake of this fact comes the third and most obvious consensus point namely that the markets are being driven down by the slump in tech stock prices.
High-tech manufacturers showed some of the sharpest declines, reflecting a slump in telecommunications and the dot-coms.
The number of visitors to libraries has halved since 1984 and could further slump to a terminal decline in the next 20 years, a charity has warned.
At least Boro have no injuries to worry about, save for the damage to morale caused by their recentslump .
A York estate agent today hit back at reports that house prices are set to slump in villages around York.
Industry sources said that the slump in value reflected the pain being felt by companies across the private equity industry.
Last year, you were among the first national politicians to talk about the economic slump .
Hundreds of thousands of tourists flock to the area each year and despite the recent slump in tourism local hoteliers are reaping the benefits of Sundberg’s visit.
The domestic economy is in a slump , and unemployment in Hualien is particularly serious.
There is talk of a massive fall in profits and a slump in turnover – talk that some outposts of the empire were simply not performing well enough to survive.
The personal wealth of some of Ireland’s most high profile technology executives has been decimated by the continuing slump in technology share prices.
The only segment in which Gleeson does expect a rebound is in the financial sector, where she is expecting a raft of merger and acquisition activity to follow the slump .
With the economy pulling out of a shallow slump , pre-election unemployment topped out at a mere 5.7%.
The station has seen a recent slump in numbers due to people leaving through retirement or ill health.
Orchestras around the country are facing drastic budget crises, worsened by the economic slump and the consequent downturn in attendance as well as in corporate support.
This was followed by a slump in investment, widespread bankruptcies and over a million Americans losing their jobs.
Niedermeier attributed the slump to the price falls in most local shares.
If that proves to be the case, Burgundy, which has seen a slump in prices, could breathe a sigh of relief.
These have been compounded by the huge slump in share price values that most analysts predict will not be recovered.
The dramatic slump in the share value is all the more galling for investors, who had come to rely on the defensive food sector in times of economic uncertainty.
Unfortunately, this budget balancing threatens to worsen the economic slump .
In an economic slump , business costs that were once low priority take on new importance for the bottom line.
They will also go down badly with some City investors, who would like Allen to resign after a slump in the share price from 148p to 104p.
The world was mired in economic slump , which brought with it mass unemployment and wage cuts.
A slump in equity prices cuts their profits; even worse it erodes their solvency ratios.
People always tend to be more cautious during an economic slump .
Hong Kong has been trying to fight deflation for four consecutive years, but a slump in property prices there started even before that.
But although the news was welcomed by those who had feared an economic slump , US shares opened slightly lower.
It has to be said, before we consider the paper’s own circulation since her arrival, that the whole market has been hit by a slump in the past year.
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