Terjemahan dari convalesce
menjadi sehat kembali
snap back, convalesce
recover, heal, mend, recuperate, get over, convalesce
Definisi convalesce
recover one’s health and strength over a period of time after an illness or operation.
he spent eight months convalescing after the stroke
sinonim: recuperate, get better, recover, get well, get back on one’s feet
  • recuperate, get better, recover, get well, get back on one’s feet
  • recover, recuperate
  • Women are encouraged to leave hospital within hours of delivery, with home support provided by visiting midwives; women with private health insurance usually choose to convalesce in private hospitals.
  • But he was highly sensitive, easily discouraged by setbacks; and in 1915 resigned from his union post to convalesce from alcoholism.
  • The Home Secretary is recovering well and is in contact with the office, although he will use the Christmas period to convalesce fully.
  • By 7.30 pm that day, he was out of theatre after a six-hour operation and last month he left hospital toconvalesce .
  • I had whooping cough, was sick for a week or two and convalesced in bed under the lilac tree in our back yard.
  • At present I am convalescing from what, by all accounts, was a rather spectacular heart attack.
  • During house jobs, she contracted pulmonary tuberculosis, and while convalescing she spent a few months in South Africa, where her father was working as a medical missionary.
  • Swann spends nine months convalescing morosely, only snapping out of it when his housekeeper, played with tight-lipped understatement by Sarah Lancashire, buys him a camera.
  • My friend’s daughter is convalescing well and on vacation in Florida.
  • I really got down to writing him a letter only when he was convalescing at a Boston clinic, after a stroke.
  • Billy Martin once called plays by phone, from his hospital bed, while convalescing from a punctured lung.
  • Robert Robinson, who is convalescing after an illness, is said to have been flattered the show was coming back and looking forward to watching it.
  • While convalescing he met his wife, Phyllis, a nurse.
  • Good wishes were extended to Mrs Margaret Kelly-White who is convalescing in a nursing home after a recent illness.
  • He underwent nine hours of surgery then convalesced for months.
  • As her father convalesced and improved, Cavell was convinced that nursing was her destiny.
  • It was while she was convalescing that she decided on a career in medicine, entering the all-woman Royal Free Medical School in London when she was 17.
  • While she convalesced from her serious illness, she watched the world-famous Whitbread Race on television and was transfixed by the entire event.
  • Determined to return to the profession he loves, he convalesced for 10 months by taking a post in the fire safety education department.
  • While convalescing he learnt to sail and subsequently sailed for the London Hospital.



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