wise, thoughtful, prudent, discreet, sensible, expedient
tenggang hati
thoughtful, considerate
inside, deep, indoor, interior, profound, thoughtful
yg suka berpikir
thinking, thoughtful
confused, thunderstruck, speechless, thoughtful
  • Their careful and thoughtful comments led to marked improvements in nearly all the reports.
  • He tells me that at this stage in his life he is reflective and thoughtful , very different from his stage persona.
  • Her forceful personality and ease in the spotlight complemented the king’s serious, thoughtfuldemeanour.
  • Thank you for the birthday card and the money, it was very thoughtful of you, I appreciate it.
  • Hegel himself said that the philosophy of history means nothing but the thoughtful consideration of it.
  • There are decent, thoughtful , credible arguments on both sides of the gun control debate.
  • He was one of nature’s gentlemen and was a hard working thoughtful neighbour who was always there to lend a hand in times of trouble.
  • Although we now face difficult moral choices I am so grateful that we’ve emerged as a much more compassionate and thoughtful society.
  • His more thoughtful critics worry that he is a little too much in love with the idea of himself as a shocking truth-speaker.
  • He has made a serious and thoughtful film, despite some obvious limitations.
  • It was a very kind and thoughtful gesture and an example of the love and respect which we should all have for each other to make for peace and harmony in this troubled world.
  • He returned to his chair as silence and thoughtful reflection punctuated the moment.
  • Thank you very much for the parcels of groceries, it was very thoughtful of you all.
  • These are two thoughtful performances in a carefully understated film that has a number of erudite lines without ever becoming preachy.
  • The delay in getting it to you was caused in part by life having become rather busy recently and in part by the need to make a careful, thoughtful choice.
  • Some response is required, and the response must be made in a thoughtful and informed manner.
  • She is thoughtful and reflective, and I have enormous respect for her passionate dedication.
  • Will the new parliament be equally thoughtful and reflective in response?
  • Senior leaders nowadays don’t have time for deep reflection or thoughtful analysis.
  • Bonner, on the other hand, offers a gentle and thoughtful appraisal.
  • While most of his pictures are serious and thoughtful , this one is full of silent excitement.
  • This is an absorbing and thoughtful novel, though its ambiguities occasionally frustrate.
  • It is the task of thoughtful researchers to critically consider how knowledge in their field is produced and used.
  • On the other hand, if one wants their child to be obedient, thoughtful to others, discipline them at the time of their disobedience and not half an hour later.
  • Dave was always a perfect gentleman: thoughtful,  kind and willing to help a young, dumb writer.
  • Ed is, in all seriousness, one of the most thoughtful and considerate people I’ve ever come across.
  • The tone of delegates interviewed afterwards was thoughtful and reflective.
  • Indifferent to hunting or wrestling or drinking, Bill, who likes to read, is thoughtful and gentle.
  • It is long overdue, and is the outcome of thoughtful consideration and review.
  • Your words and the thoughtful reflections of others will help awaken those who can and will make a difference.



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