Terjemahan dari dubious
yg diragukan
dubious, questionable, equivocal, ambiguous, clouded, fishy
yg dpt disangsikan
disputable, dubious
yg kurang dpt dipercaya
undecided, uncertain, indecisive, irresolute, hesitant, dubious
Definisi dubious
hesitating or doubting.
Alex looked dubious, but complied
sinonim: doubtful, uncertain, unsure, hesitant, undecided, indefinite, unresolved, up in the air, vacillating, irresolute, skeptical, suspicious, iffy
not to be relied upon; suspect.
extremely dubious assumptions
sinonim: suspicious, suspect, untrustworthy, unreliable, questionable, shady, fishy
  • doubtful, uncertain, unsure, hesitant, undecided, indefinite, unresolved, up in the air,vacillating, irresolute, skeptical, suspicious, iffy
  • suspicious, suspect, untrustworthy, unreliable, questionable, shady, fishy
  • doubtful
  • doubtful, dubitable, in question
Lebih sedikit sinonim
The approach outline above seems to offer the best prospect for exposing the administration’s dubiousmotives and methods.
‘People who might be dubious about standing somewhere waiting for a bus may be more encouraged to do so if they know exactly when the bus is due,’ he said.
They weren’t always on the side of good, and even when they were, they still regularly made morallydubious judgements, but they were always true to their natures.
I was a little dubious about this tour from the outset.
Is it perhaps yet another organisation designed to make money by providing endorsements of dubiousvalue?
Finally, the model’s dubious assumption is that current valuation levels are approximately correct.
Before the war, the submarine was regarded as a morally dubious weapon, subject to international agreements.
Such a belief, the Senate report said, relied on the use of increasingly dubious sources and a dismissal of dissenting views.
They are deeply dubious about whether he has succeeded at all on most domestic issues.
For a start, the whole idea of reciprocity and empowerment seems morally dubious to me.
However, those often rely on dubious assumptions.
An important part of the answer, I think, lies in exposing a number of dubious assumptions about human psychology.
In fact, so entrenched was the belief in many quarters that official statistics were of dubious value to social researchers that the view took root that they were virtually worthless.
O’Toole holds the dubious distinction of seven Best Actor Oscar nominations without winning the actual Oscar.
In fact, it could be argued that 15 Minutes earns the dubious distinction of being the most cynical film ever made about cynicism.
Another Horsforth man claimed the dubious distinction of becoming the first English serviceman to be captured by the Germans – just one day after war broke out.
One direct result of this vicious circle was that many parents remained dubious about the quality of non-government education.
Instead, a dubious logic pervades, upon which we base entire networks of conclusions and imperatives.
She was a bit dubious about it at first but now she is getting used to it and people adore her everywhere we go.
Like Den, he gets involved in dubious deals with shady characters, and the source of his money is not always entirely clear.
However, councillors were dubious about visiting the site.
Such claims, he contends, rely on slippery language and dubious assumptions.
‘I am very dubious about this sort of thing,’ added Dr Fitzpatrick.
And it is that part that, I think, we are a little dubious about.
You are asking us to be careful about adopting assumptions which are founded on rather dubiousground and would subvert our intentions, good as they may be.
However, thanks to dubious sales techniques, it is widely mis-sold.
And it spends billions each year in social welfare programs that are endlessly duplicative and ofdubious value.
They entail, furthermore, the dubious assumption that cultural change moves in only one direction: from top to bottom.
An increasingly isolated figure, he has come to rely on authorities whose expertise in the relevant disciplines is dubious .
When it comes to sharing your faith, gimmicks are of dubious value.



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