persistent, indomitable, persevering, dauntless, tenacious, stubborn
firm, unwavering, resolute, unswerving, dependable, tenacious
proof, impervious, hardy, tenacious
kuat bertahan
staunch, resilient, persistent, durable, strong, tenacious
yg mengotot
tenacious, hard-boiled


  • The debate was fast and furious, with the press at their most tenacious .
  • They had a steadfast, tenacious grip on what they believed should be brought to the profession.
  • They seem tenacious in their determination to get at the truth.
  • His rosy view has proved remarkably tenacious .
  • She has been a tenacious champion of human rights for many years.
  • His tenacious spirit and unswerving loyalty came in for praise.
  • We ended up with tenacious and powerful opposition.
  • He has a reputation for being a tough and tenacious negotiator.
  • I think that Africa will always hold a tenacious grip on me, and I do feel sad to be leaving my friends.
  • While being smart is good, working hard and being tenacious is even better.
  • Popular culture has a tenacious grip on most kids, parents, and even us teachers.
  • These hardy and tenacious insects have lived on the planet for 400 million years.
  • They are persistent, strong-willed individuals who may become even more tenacious when faced with obstacles.
  • The tribal loyalties of some hostel residents have proved tenacious .
  • Special solvents control the coalescence of the latex particles into a tough, tenacious film.
  • He is remembered as a tenacious and talented reporter.
  • All the fish of these jungle rivers demonstrate a desperately tenacious grip on life.
  • The organization needed a strong, tenacious leader.
  • He has maintained, perhaps even increased, his tenacious grip on power.
  • I have been pursued by the most relentless and the most tenacious women on earth!
  • The team has a fabulous, tenacious defense.
  • He was one of the most tenacious individuals I’d ever come across.
  • She appeared to be very tenacious and very determined.
  • He was targeted by another stalker, equally as tenacious as the first.
  • They brushed at tenacious bits of clinging greenery.
  • They both maintain a tenacious grip on the receiver and attempt to get it away from each other.
  • I was just tenacious and determined and ran all day.
  • Effective discipline must be enduring and tenacious .
  • They were tenacious and brave and I couldn’t have asked for anything more from them.
  • He is a brilliant commentator and tenacious advocate of his position.



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