Terjemahan dari redolent
fragrant, redolent
yg berbau keras
redolent, stinking
Definisi redolent
strongly reminiscent or suggestive of (something).
names redolent of history and tradition
fragrant or sweet-smelling.
a rich, inky, redolent wine
sinonim: evocative, suggestive, reminiscent
  • evocative, suggestive, reminiscent
  • smelling
  • resonant, reminiscent, remindful, evocative
  • aromatic
Lebih sedikit sinonim
  • The redolent smell of their Chanel No.5 perfume hit me like a blast before they even reached us.
  • Could there ever be a venue more redolent of York’s history than the Barbican?
  • I remember the covers, too, evocative old-style paintings of girls in clothing redolent of a bygone era, so unlike what we wore in the 1960s that it added another layer of exotic mystery.
  • I have a fondness for the stories of the newsrooms of the past, filled with smoke, redolent with the smell of dirty paste pots, the sound of the bulletin bell on the wire service machines.
  • The last 24 hours was redolent of the wider campaign, uncertain, fraught, divisive, full of brinkmanship with deeply unreliable signals emerging from both sides.
  • And the whole town smoulders damply under a haze of burnt burger, singed sausage, and evaporated candy floss, all slightly sticky and redolent of the smell of pink bubble gum.
  • The very word, redolent of dusty, don’t touch displays inside glass cases, would once have brought howls of protests from children simply wanting to enjoy an afternoon out.
  • Apparently, everyone at the Spectator is interested in poetry, ‘just as we are interested in the smell of our own armpits, because they are uniquely redolent of ourselves’.
  • The description is so redolent of history as to be a constitutional precedent in itself.
  • They are strong, redolent of the dignity of human life, and contrary to many images of female nudity.
  • No blooming season is more redolent than spring, so it makes perfect olfactory sense to smell the flowers now.
  • Lower Manhattan, first home of successive waves of American immigrants, is rich in such venues,redolent of social history.
  • And we bought fresh, succulent oysters redolent with the scent of the sea.
  • To cap it all, the building’s architecture is redolent of the classical Greek culture that originally founded the concept of gymnasia and held physical exercises in the very highest esteem.
  • The Derby is redolent of tradition and grandeur.
  • The grips and spur trigger are redolent of the 19th century, while the overall appearance suggests substantially better quality and ruggedness than many examples dating from that period.
  • Travellers arriving back at Gatwick last Sunday morning encountered the kind of industrial disruption more redolent of the winter of discontent than Britain’s modern and flexible economy.
  • There is an imbalance in power in this proposed relationship between employer and employee that is redolent of the situation of women in the workforce before they acquired full political rights.
  • It was redolent of a smell that could only have come from the smithy of Uncle Hansa’s expertise.
  • My normally reserved father turns into a rapacious gourmand around the steaming, redolent pot, reliving his Saskatchewan youth by heaping his plate.
  • These tubes and shapes are redolent of the exterior world, yet they are also evocative of our skin, our interior bodies, our senses.
  • No radio, no TV, just the meal, the New Yorker, and the soft high whine of Jasper breathing through his nose, coveting the redolent sausage.
  • This outcrop must remind him of his present surroundings, a place redolent of mythology and ancient magic, I suggest.
  • This is an ambitious 18-track programme piece redolent of the history, mystery, and eloquent loneliness in the Border hills of the composer’s childhood.
  • Our mouths watered at the redolent smell of sweet roasted meat.
  • Up here we can offer shopping in a city still redolent of history with an edge.
  • Enormous in magnitude, audacious in its execution and redolent of the most serious dishonesty.
  • By yesterday morning the temperature was still firmly below zero but a rare spirit of solidarity and optimism, redolent of the heady days of eastern Europe’s liberation in 1989, had taken hold.
  • The materials are redolent of impoverishment.
  • The place is redolent of Viennese history as the city government’s web site points out.



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