Terjemahan dari tantalize
tempt, tease, seduce, vamp, tantalize, lure
tantalize, arouse interest, arouse sexual excitement
suffer, endure, anguish, sustain, labor, tantalize
Definisi tantalize
torment or tease (someone) with the sight or promise of something that is unobtainable.
such ambitious questions have long tantalized the world’s best thinkers
  • tease, torment, torture, bait, tempt, entice, lure, allure, beguile, excite, fascinate, titillate,intrigue
  • taunt, tease, bait, rag, ride, cod, razz, tantalise, twit, rally
International festivals like New York City’s Lincoln Center Festival tantalize dance lovers with promises of offerings that are extremely varied and unique.
To tantalize readers, Popular Science raises difficult questions about the theory of evolution – the evolution of man, feathers on dinosaurs and the classification of animals.
A good open problem thus has some intrigue, has some surprise, and should tantalize the reader; the solution should appear to be just over the horizon, rather than indistinctly fading away.
Men and women across the nation go the movies and are dazzled by million dollar productions thattantalize the senses and expand the imagination.
In other words, it’s the sort of movie that’s bound to frustrate some viewers and tantalize others.
On and off through the afternoon light snow showers came along to tantalize us, dusting the ground white.
The tang of the luscious dishes, some of them on display and others being cooked, continue totantalize your senses as you walk along the tables set in a row.
Most people lose money, but they remain always tantalizingly close to winning, as they head all the way down to zero.
In the years since ’83, we have endured some lean years, and tantalizingly close calls with sports’ great prizes.
The upcoming release slate is like a mirage, tantalizing us – just over the horizon, barely out of reach.
No celebration would be complete without this palate tantaliser .
Atlantic City’s longest lasting attraction, the annual Miss America pageant, has answered America’s longing for royalty since 1921, long before the casinos tantalized visitors with the prospect of becoming rich overnight.
Visually, the film also tantalizes the senses, with nearly every scene offering a riot of color.
We did get a tantalizingly brief shot of dozens and dozens and dozens of trucks driving somewhere in the distance, but wherever they were going, the BBC reporter wouldn’t be there.
The chapters are tantalizingly inviting, sort of like an adventure for your visual and cognitive abilities.
The butter taste was rich and tantalising , while the smoothness of the fresh cream and yoghurt mix was offset by a kick of almond and sultana.
Besides offering run-of-the mill pub grub such as fish and chips, the updated menus promised totantalise taste buds with some more exotic-sounding fare such as black olive bruschetta and charred cod, burnt lemon and Chardonnay risotto.
What really tantalizes you is that which deviates from societal standards in every way, though you admit that this probably isn’t the best and you’re not sure what causes this desire.
So much of the book is a great, sweeping, magical – such magic in so many different forms – American adventure, that we are betrayed by the characters when they make mistakes, when they chose to do those things that we know will hurt them, but more often will hurt us by taking away the sheer, unvarnished tantalisation of the narrative.
Create your own taste-bud tantaliser with a mix of several herbs – store in an airtight glass jar and throw in some grains of rice to help keep it dry.
Ahron marveled at the bakeries, and the butcheries, enjoying the smell of fresh bread and pastries, as well as the sight of the tantalizing meat cuts.
He is sent to the Underworld and his eternal punishment is tantalization .
The prospect is tantalising , but first it’s time to get down to brass tacks.
That’s why I was suckered into entering one of those Readers’ Digest prize draws – you know, the ones that tantalise you for months, getting you to fill in this and that, tear off this bit, post this bit back.
The photography, buttressed by watchful blocking and acting, invites careful consideration of the calamity as opposed to tantalization .
A drop of oil on a pillowcase will tantalise the senses for a romantic interlude, or help to lull you off to sleep.
What little floristic tantaliser have you got for us?
She didn’t realize she would find the control he was exerting over her exciting and tantalizing .
Scientists have long been tantalized by the question of whether life once existed on Mars.
Rudy Giuliani, the mayor of New York and one of the heroes of the disaster aftermath, who spent a week tantalising voters with the prospect that he might run again for mayor, declared last night he would not run.



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