Terjemahan dari swarm
herd, flock, swarm, shoal, gaggle, covey
group, category, cohort, cluster, party, swarm
horde, gang, band, bunch, swarm, group
set, collection, aggregate, body, assembly, swarm
jumlah besar
bulk, quantity, vast, multiplicity, reams, swarm
swarm, flock, crowd, gather, congregate, teem
swarm, infest, overrun, mob, center around
swarm, ascend, shin
roam, hang around, loiter, stray, hang about, swarm
adventure, swarm
Definisi swarm
a large or dense group of insects, especially flying ones.
The visual effect evoked a gentle snowstorm or a swarm of insects, associations which, it must be added, the artist regards as entirely incidental.
(of insects) move in or form a swarm.
swarming locusts
move somewhere in large numbers.
protesters were swarming into the building
sinonim: flock, crowd, throng, surge, stream
  • hive, flock, collection
  • crowd, multitude, horde, host, mob, gang, throng, mass, army, troop, herd, pack, myriad
  • cloud
  • horde, drove
  • flock, crowd, throng, surge, stream
  • teem, pullulate
  • teem, pour, stream, pullulate
Lebih sedikit sinonim
a swarm of journalists
These handsome insects swarm out of holes in the ground where they have been hibernating for precisely seventeen years.
He explained why they swarm and how the queen is the centre of the swarm ‘s activity.
Hundreds of honeybees swarm around the 3-foot-high wooden hive in the suburban backyard at 33 Kettle St.
Chances are, you’ve noticed a swarm of these black-and-red insects loitering in sunny spots as the weather turns cool.
Basso’s team swarm around him like worker bees around their Queen, but they are in for a hard day in the saddle.
In January she had visited Slimbridge, the bird sanctuary on the Severn in Gloucestershire, to witness the famous flights of starlings that swarm there in their tens of thousands before roosting.
We made our way among a swarm of bodies, until I was face to face with a woman who was sobbing uninhibitedly.
With a snare of some sort in one and a swarm of buzzing insects in the other, neither of the tunnels looked inviting.
Viropharma stock was one of his calls during this period, and his people piled into it hugely, followed by a swarm of tag-along momentum players.
The sequential character is known as an earthquake swarm , a phenomenon of periodic tremors that can continue for months or even a year before quieting.
The swarm of very small earthquakes was the third and largest such episode of activity since the eruption in May-August, 2003.
When these queens mature into adults, they compete to head a new colony either by leaving with a secondary swarm or by becoming the queen in the established nest site.
Care would have to be taken to deflect the body intact rather than break it into pieces because aswarm of fragments might be more destructive than a single object.
The ball broke among a swarm of backs and forwards and was met by the flying hurl of Red Brian Murphy and then the net.
The moths swarm together for a moment, then disappear like candle flames going out.
The crowd froze as a swarm of Steamers jerseys surged towards the Canterbury line and the clock ticked into the red a converted try was all that was needed to keep the Ranfurly Shield at home.
Bugs swarm around a streetlight while clouds roll across the evening sky.
But strict attention has to be paid to swarm control to stop the bees ‘buzzing off’ and loss of the honey crop.
a swarm of locusts
Yet everyone is out there mad with joy over a swarm of insects that will eat most every living plant in sight!
A swarm of birds hopped from the nearby rooftops and sped off into the air.
Insects swarm about the damp light of the street-lamps, their buzzings reflected very slightly in the bitumen below your feet.
Being dinner for a swarm of insects is nobody’s idea of a good time.
Honey bees rarely swarm away from the hive and only sting if they are antagonised.
There was a swarm of summer insects flitting through the air in search of the food promised by the flower odors of the fatal garden.
However, the very next day they found a swarm of mature adults very near the surface off Anaa Island.
The whole time he was on top of her, a swarm of tiny insects hanging over his right shoulder, she kept the woods in her peripheral vision.
Don’t stand in any one place too long or the fire ants may swarm all over your feet.
Loup shouted, and a swarm of vehicles and troops charged from the base into the Oppressor line.
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swarm of bees, swarm up



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