Terjemahan dari sultry
sultry, stifling, stiflingly hot, sick
panas dan pengap
panas dan lembab
muggy, sultry
gatal rela
torrid, lustful, libidinous, passionate, ardent, sultry
tdk senonoh
dissipated, improper, spicy, indecent, outrageous, sultry
Definisi sultry
(of the air or weather) hot and humid.
As his plane moved through the sultry air at eleven thousand feet he reviewed his progress.
sinonim: humid, close, airless, stifling, oppressive, muggy, sticky, sweltering, tropical, heavy, hot, boiling, roasting
(of a person, especially a woman) attractive in a way that suggests a passionate nature.
On the DVD cover is a picture of a rather sultry woman in a sensual pose.
sinonim: passionate, attractive, sensual, sexy, voluptuous, erotic, seductive
  • humid, close, airless, stifling, oppressive, muggy, sticky, sweltering, tropical, heavy, hot,boiling, roasting
  • passionate, attractive, sensual, sexy, voluptuous, erotic, seductive
  • sulphurous, sulfurous, stifling
  • sensual
Lebih sedikit sinonim
Our current approach is to prevent the disease during the sultry , humid summer.
She had been described as Ireland’s sultry , sexy jazz diva and her reputation has seen her travel all over the world.
She was beautiful: a sultry brunette with a seductive voice and she oozed femininity.
The long period of hot, sultry , humid, rainless weather has finally broken this morning, with a long, rumbling storm.
To escape from the scorching, sultry summers of Delhi he would take his trainees to the sand dunes of the Yamuna at Okhla, South Delhi.
Not used to such humid and sultry conditions, the bears are said to tackle the heat by lying still for hours together.
The music was smooth, sultry jazz – perfect for a romantic meal for two.
Never have I seen someone run so fast on a sultry summer afternoon.
If your summers get really sultry , your peppers will appreciate a heavy mulch after the spring season.
It looks wonderful, with its sultry air, more vivid than I can remember ever seeing in a film.
One fears for other encounters between the police and individuals in crisis in the coming hot and sultrysummer weather.
After almost a month of sultry weather most places of Bangladesh were showered with moderate rainfalls in the last couple of days.
Bassey was once a sultry and sexy women and took good care of herself, that’s why she still looks in great condition.
For those who love the sultry tones of female jazz singers, Maria’s appearance at the Boyle Arts Festival is a must.
So what’s the next best option to escape from the sultry weather?
From the sultry weather of Mumbai, the players had travelled to the Capital where dry heat awaited them.
La Laque opened with a perfect set that was sultry , intense and dramatic.
A flicker of a sultry women, moist with the warmth of water from the ocean, comes to mind.
It was quite a change from the cold winters of Canada to the hot, sultry weather of Zanzibar.
The catch was a good one but not as good as three other stunning efforts which ensured that Yorkshire had a constant struggle on their hands in the sultry weather.
Yet this is where Guns N’Roses veterans Slash, Duff McKagan and Matt Sorum find themselves on asultry summer Saturday in June.
It’s a sultry retort, a sassy comeback full of suggestive challenge.
Remember those sultry , sexy pictures of the young James Dean?
It’s a slow brooding piece and Tiombre Lockhart’s vocals are sultry and sexy across the top.
Excellent music for packing on a hot, humid, sultry , summer’s night.
Nobody is above suspicion either not even his sultry girlfriend, who seems to take a keen interest in his activities.
Has he ever witnessed any sultry housewives or teenage seductresses losing pieces of their bikinis in the water?
Consider taking a cue from her and dare to show your sultry and sentimental side.
Who can deny the tempting triple threat of sultry sandy beaches, playful deco hotels, and unabashed eye candy?
By turns she is fearless femme cee, jazz poet and sultry seductress.



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