Terjemahan dari revert
return, go back, come back, get back, revert, turn back
recover, revert
return, reversion, revert
Definisi revert
return to (a previous state, condition, practice, etc.).
he reverted to his native language
sinonim: return, go back, change back, default, fall back, regress, relapse
a person who has converted to the Islamic faith.
  • return, go back, change back, default, fall back, regress, relapse
  • be returned, escheat
  • regress, return, turn back, retrovert
Lebih sedikit sinonim
it is impossible that a fishlike mammal will actually revert to being a true fish
it is impossible that a fishlike mammal will actually revert to being a true fish
in the event of the building ceasing to become a school, ownership would revert to the Church
Yezad, on the other hand, gradually reverts to the Parsi religious practice of his ancestors, in spite of his earlier skepticism and to the delight of his devout wife.
The two stared at each other for a moment, and then reverted their gaze to something else.
Edmund reverted his attention to the front of the class, on hearing those words.
When they came to an end, the property would revert to Mr Derby, or, if he was dead, would form part of his estate and devolve according to the terms of his will, or by the rules of intestate succession.
I asked as I reverted my gaze to the burly man at the wheel.
They do look more like miniature aurochs, but that is because they have not been selectively bred for beef or milk, and cattle that have been left to their own devices will tend to revert to ancestral type.
Early in the twentieth century the word reverted to a noun to describe a family holiday home.
But at a meeting of the Tone St traders on Monday, July 14 a significant majority voted in favour ofreverting to the former traffic system on the street.
In other words, I reverted to a song when I wasn’t getting any laughs, which was more often than I care to remember.
Teachers were shown in the early stages of their teaching after the training to be utilizing the ideas, but eventually they reverted to previous practices.
There would be no one to manage the walls, some areas would revert to scrub and bracken and eventually trees.
Anyway, having thrown out this soiled bath water, let us revert to the words of Paul Celan.
Nathaniel reverted his attention to her sister when she finally called his name.
We checked in each of the 72 lineages whether the original mutation had reverted to its ancestral wild-type state by performing consensus population sequencing.
Death then is a returning or reverting to the former state – dust – of the ground.
Councils would carry out repairs if required and the property would revert to the owner once the cost of any renovation had been recovered.
The landlord’s interest in respect of possession of the property is deferred to that of the tenant until the lease terminates, at which time the property reverts to the landlord.
The grantor retains an interest in the land, known as the possibility of reverter , and when the determining event occurs the property reverts automatically to him.
Haley reverts her eyes to the cement edge of the pool, as her friend focuses on the swimmer approaching them.
The reverter condition is seen by the Planning Officer as ‘a restrictive element’ reflecting BAe’s case that the condition hampers the finding of a buyer for the site.
Horses, too, have reverted to an ancestral state, with ‘all the fine breeds we had degenerated into the small mustang horse you know today’.
If, for example, other people come back on to the council and there is an attempt to revert to the previous practices, I will have no hesitation but to move.
Until the changes brought about by the Reverter of Sites Act 1987, reverter was automatic once the triggering event had occurred.
Telephone calls were answered after begging my pardon, but then he would immediately revert to our previous conversation.
To revert to the previous comparison, it does not take much imagination to recognise what would happen if the hotter the oven became, the more heat was applied to it.
I just go back to this whole issue of reading speeches and express the hope that we might revert toprevious Standing Orders, which forbade that practice.



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