Terjemahan dari battler
fighter, warrior, combatant, partisan, battler
Definisi battler
a person who battles or fights.
But the credence of his claims was reinforced by the fact that the Brockton-born battler was smaller in stature than most he fought.
combatant, scrapper, fighter, belligerent
Carol, 61, of Chelsea Street, Keighley, has described her new husband as a real battler .
Australia has always liked the idea of the rebel, the battler .
‘She’s a battler and a fighter and she never gives in,’ said her son, Geoffrey.
a battler taking swings at opponents and rallying friends
It was a brave call against a self-confessed battler who likes nothing better than a hard-nosed scrap.
But the credence of his claims was reinforced by the fact that the Brockton-born battler was smaller in stature than most he fought.
There were similar endless squabbles over how things should be run, and by whom, and a population ofbattlers trying to rise a little in the world.
Tonight on Four Corners, the winners and losers in a market where water barons, battlers , governments and the river itself wrestle over water.
Howard’s decent, hard-working battlers are best epitomised by the Kerrigan family – decent people trying to survive being run over by corporate greed.
Tax dollars, paid by Australian battlers who could never hope to afford private health insurance, top up the 30% rebate.
None of these candidates seem to inspire those voters who might call themselves ‘normal’ Aussiebattlers .
Whilst the Federal Government keeps claiming that they are providing great value for taxpayers by cutting taxes, there have been a number of battlers complaining about increases in the cost of living.
He told the Evening Press he was hoping for an even bigger response to this year’s event at Pocklington FC on Sunday, when 14 of Britain’s beefiest battlers will tackle six muscle-stretching events.
I’ve always said that if you need to raise money then you go where the battlers live – they always dig deep,’ he said.
Gwynnie’s dad, Bruce, directed this sloppy, indifferent road flick about six battlers gathering in Omaha for a karaoke showdown.
They’re a bunch of battlers and defending is a priority.
But so what – we have been able to cause upsets in the past few years with the same battlers we have now and the same coach.
But first, let’s review the fights, and see just where our battlers stand!
We have State Labor governments in panic mode over sloppy relationships with business interests whilst workers and battlers get slammed.
The political constraints placed on the bank back then have come home to roost, as the bank increases rates just as the economy starts to stall, a double blow to Howard’s heavily-mortgagedbattlers .
Concerning the battlers , I think more people are battling.
A much more interesting way of looking at the elites vs. battlers debate is to accept the premise that there are competing elites, and competing visions of the good society.
You’re up against a media portrayal of Penrith as a club of battlers and strugglers?
The new Liberals are the defenders of conservative (small c) suburban values that offer comfort to thebattlers and the aspirationals.
Latham’s message potentially appeals to traditional Labor votes who’ve stuck with Labor, and the aspirational battlers who’ve gone to Howard.
The names of his fellow battlers will emerge on Tuesday.
At first it was a bunch of the usual suspects – passionate battlers with plenty of experience, as was shown in the ‘warm up’ round where everyone appeared to know what they were doing.




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