Terjemahan dari stipulate
set, establish, assign, stipulate, specify, define
determine, specify, decide, set, establish, stipulate
demand, sue, require, prosecute, claim, stipulate
Definisi stipulate
demand or specify (a requirement), typically as part of a bargain or agreement.
he stipulated certain conditions before their marriage
sinonim: specify, set down, set out, lay down, demand, require, insist on, make a condition of, prescribe, impose, provide
(of a leaf or plant) having stipules.
Both have woody trunks and woody roots as well as stipulate leaf bases.
  • specify, set down, set out, lay down, demand, require, insist on, make a condition of,prescribe, impose, provide
  • condition, qualify, specify
This observation contradicts his view that the stipules of Lactoris are probably not indicative of relationship with other stipulate plants.
Both have woody trunks and woody roots as well as stipulate leaf bases.
In addition, the document will include a clause stipulating procedures required for non-member countries to take part in the ASEM process, they said.
As the stipulators and administrator of rules in mobile game industry, mobile operators haven’t done enough in cooperation with other parties in industry chain and remain in a passive situation.
The requirement was stipulated in his bail conditions, a top prosecutor said on Tuesday.
If the contract stipulates eight bank holidays can be taken as paid leave in addition to holidays, June 3 will not count.
Some organisations will dole out cash for you to use to your own ends, whilst others will demand specific stipulations .
Among the requirements is an agreement stipulating the areas of collaboration between the foreign design firm and its mainland counterpart.
Other important laws were those stipulating the conditions under which ministers can be sued and also a law for the improvement of agriculture.
The system stipulates the rules and requirements that must be observed by the two parties.
The first condition in the agreement stipulated that an allottee should be a tenant of the site for 10 years.
The colour of the cladding was stipulated as grey but what was provided was yellow.
The contract also stipulates the cottages cannot be resold separately and must be kept in use as holiday homes for at least 10 years.
Above all it adequately meets the stipulations of the UN resolutions and the Shimla Agreement.
Note that completely rigid kinds of certificates can still be specified by simply stipulating that reconsideration always fails for them.
In some negotiation situations prospective recruits will ask the employer to detail the terms of the package that may be on offer before stipulating some of their requirements.
The authorities should see that the traffic rules and the stipulations , which are made from time to time, are strictly followed by the drivers.
A pavilion targeted to architects and stipulators where exhibitors will be showing architectural glass, door and window hardware, films, bath enclosures and more.
The advice line has an automated system into which you input your holiday plans and by return get a tailored information pack stipulating both what is required and what advised.
The names of the fellow stipulators of this gift are seen to be written below and are confirmed with a succession of autographs so that they not be dishonoured by a worthless deception.
They also agreed on regular reciprocal visits by their defense ministers, and to sign an agreement stipulating the framework for such exchanges, the officials said.
They are also responsible for imposing the conditions stipulated in the agreements.
All personal data of both stipulators will be used for interrelationship needs only.
The intention among the stipulators in the front line with the concept term ‘inclusion’ is to express a completely new dimension and a new way to understand this special education concept.
An ordinary enough stipulation , one might suppose, and the story moves on quickly.
They might agree that he would spend the next three months working with the council horticultural team at weekends, with a contract stipulating minimum standards of acceptable behaviour.
When presented with a contract stipulating their duties, they just sign it and reach for the keys.
They do require performance with only stipulated exceptions, but the law of tort does not.
When they refused to accept new working conditions stipulated by the contractor, they were all sacked.
The government has taken adequate care to protect the labour interests stipulating attractive compensation package when retrenched.



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