Terjemahan dari dispatch
delivery, shipment, transmission, dispatch, consignment, despatch
news, word, tidings, communication, dispatch, intelligence
berita tertulis
dispatch, despatch
kiriman kilat
dispatch, despatch
send, dispatch, despatch, send forth, fire off, relegate
send, dispatch, delegate, despatch
dispatch, despatch, send off, pack off
tell, send, have, order, enjoin, dispatch
spend, finish, consume, use up, deplete, dispatch
complete, finish, resolve, solve, settle, dispatch
kill, murder, assassinate, slay, destroy, dispatch
Definisi dispatch
the sending of someone or something to a destination or for a purpose.
a resolution authorizing the dispatch of a peacekeeping force
sinonim: sending, posting, mailing, emailing
an official report on state or military affairs.
in his battle dispatch he described the gunner’s bravery
sinonim: communication, communiqué, bulletin, report, statement, letter, message, news, intelligence, memo, info, story, lowdown, scoop, tidings
send off to a destination or for a purpose.
he dispatched messages back to base
sinonim: send (off), post, mail, forward, transmit, email
2 definisi lain
  • sending, posting, mailing, emailing
  • promptness, speed, speediness, swiftness, rapidity, briskness, haste, hastiness, fleetness,celerity
  • communication, communiqué, bulletin, report, statement, letter, message, news, intelligence,memo, info, story, lowdown, scoop, tidings
  • killing, slaughter, massacre, extermination, elimination, murder, assassination, execution,slaying
  • despatch
  • despatch, communique
  • expedition, despatch, expeditiousness
  • shipment, despatch
  • send (off), post, mail, forward, transmit, email
  • deal with, finish, conclude, settle, discharge, perform, expedite, push through, make short work of
  • kill, put to death, take/end the life of, slaughter, butcher, massacre, wipe out, exterminate,eliminate, murder, assassinate, execute, bump off, do in, do away with, take out, blow away,ice, rub out, waste, slay
  • bump off, off, murder, remove, hit, slay, polish off
  • discharge, complete
  • despatch, send off
Lebih sedikit sinonim
This process must proceed with dispatch , without posturing, without grandstanding, without empty words.
Cabinet-level approval of legislation that would authorize dispatch of Self-Defense Forces personnel could come as early as today.
It arrived in Alice Springs on October 9-that’s 10 days after dispatch – and was promptly delivered to the wrong address.
Mrs Foy said she rang the police and asked them to send someone to dispatch the deer humanely.
Unsurprisingly, neither Anderson nor Mone were interviewed by BBC foreign correspondent Fergal Keane, whose frontline dispatch comes from Govan tonight.
He still carries vivid memories of the bloodshed and terror of fighting in the cornfields of the French countryside – and the jubilation of his dispatch while lying in a hospital bed after being wounded.
Mr Manning, please move with deliberate dispatch to take advantage of your trip and encourage the use of help in this vital area, but not only for ‘large farm’ projects.
The competent authorities in the Member States may permit the transporter or the owner of the products to provide a guarantee in place of that provided by the authorized warehouse keeper ofdispatch .
His official dispatch , written in 1945, was placed on the restricted list apparently because the Air Ministry took objection to it.
I was beginning to wish the masked murderer would dispatch everyone who was still alive, including herself/himself, so that the movie could end.
We are still suffering the effects of the late dispatch .
They did so with dispatch , in one question during direct examination of their client.
Hanson brilliantly explains what took us so long – and why it would have been better to act withdispatch .
a resolution authorizing the dispatch of a peacekeeping force
In this sense, the U.S. victory this time is expected to help ease the disputes over whether to comply with the Washington’s request for an additional troop dispatch .
If the full committee approves it with dispatch , it will face Hurdle Two.
Richard sends two murderers to dispatch Clarence.
Worse, their districts or specific duties to which they are assigned are so self-regulated, they dare not cross a street or act with dispatch if a crime is being committed outside their jurisdiction.
Turkey withdrew its plan to send troops to help the U.S.-led rehabilitation work, Poland brought its forces home, while Japan has postponed its troop dispatch .
The people then, quite reasonably, expect the state to be able to handle this task – this task which it has created the necessity of – with dispatch .
The entry of Michael Corleone into the family business, the transition of power from his father, the ruthless dispatch of his enemies – all of this is told with an assurance that is simply outstanding.
O’Malley’s ability depends largely on his eagerness to dispatch opponents back to the dressing room quickly in sometimes alarming states of dishevelment.
When the green light is observed, you will be free to access your firearm and dispatch your opponent as required.
Arriving rangers had to dispatch two of the animals.
But as before, the device has a calendar, contacts and to-do list, and it lets you dispatch e-mail and multimedia messages.
While the plaintiffs have the onus to proceed expeditiously and with dispatch in the prosecution of an action, this is not a case where the default has been intentional or contumelious.
After describing the horrific devastation, the dispatch went on to describe the scenes in the hospital wards and what Dr Katsube had said.
The Alliance’s parliamentary leader, Jim Anderton, successfully insisted that the party’s parliamentary caucus support the troop dispatch .
China had by the end of the year 289,000 ‘civilian organizations’ as they are called in this dispatch of the official Xinhua newswire.
Sir Christopher said the overall impression in this case was of a child protection investigation conducted ‘with dispatch or perhaps undue haste’.
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