Terjemahan dari astute
dodgy, clever, astute, cunning, canny, wily
intelligent, smart, clever, discerning, bright, astute
shrewd, astute, cunning, wily, sly, terrific
cunning, sly, crafty, scheming, shifty, astute
sharp, keen, snappy, pungent, strong, astute
shrewd, astute, foxy, wily, adroit, cagey
Definisi astute
having or showing an ability to accurately assess situations or people and turn this to one’s advantage.
an astute businessman
sinonim: shrewd, sharp, acute, adroit, quick, clever, crafty, intelligent, bright, smart, canny, intuitive, perceptive, insightful, incisive, sagacious, wise, on the ball, quick on the uptake, savvy, heads-up
  • shrewd, sharp, acute, adroit, quick, clever, crafty, intelligent, bright, smart, canny, intuitive,perceptive, insightful, incisive, sagacious, wise, on the ball, quick on the uptake, savvy,heads-up
  • sharp, shrewd
Such astute use of credit cards has kept Margaret in financially good shape for 15 years.
All three are politically astute and have been following the election in the media.
I regard him as an astute businessman who is very conscious of the value of capital.
I was incensed that my friend, an astute judge of character, had said yes.
They defended superbly, attacked courageously and played the most astute tactical game.
He is learned, astute , admirably sensible, and possesses an elegant and clear prose style.
Unlike some sportsmen, he has been astute enough to invest in a financial future during his playing days.
Terry’s as tactically astute as anyone I have worked with and when it comes to motivation he’s one of the best.
This is a very astute move on Ryan’s part.
They are also astute at maintaining public sympathy by regularly deserting the picket lines to save lives.
He is said to be acutely focused and astute in assessing what he should and should not buy.
The striker is tied to the club until October so holding on to him to the end of the season may be the more financially astute move.
She was also an astute businesswoman, eventually running three cafés and a catering business.
Our leader is intelligent and astute , as we have seen with her handling of Iraq.
An astute and responsible mayor would use this decision as an opportunity for change.
In the last general election no one, not even the most astute of pundits, foresaw his demise.
It also marks a shift in public attitudes which the former MP has been astute enough to recognise.
If officers have to make decisions for the Council, they need to be visionary and commercially astute .
An immediate promise to continue funding the service is both the fair and politically astute thing to do.
In re-inventing Manchester for the new millennium, the city council has proved very astute .
Buckley once astutely described football as a placebo for the masses – something ineffectual that the fans mistakenly believe to be authentic.
I want to thank Brian Gelling for his foresight and astuteness in handling the negotiations.
As Tom Coates astutely pointed out, it’s another aspect of presentation of self.
What some people might mistake for deference is just astutely judged pragmatism.
People, as John Howard very astutely said, want to feel relaxed and comfortable.
‘I completely understand people’s curiosity about the question,’ he says reflectively, with the politicalastuteness of an actor twice his age.
An increasingly educated electorate can spot bias with greater acumen and astuteness than ever before.
Instead, Chen’s address displayed a sensitivity and astuteness unexpected of a politician who until recently was rarely in the limelight.
He is known far and wide, not for his intellectual astuteness or classroom achievements, but for his ability to energize campus social life.
The film’s final moments astutely sum up the final, unequivocal victory of capitalism.



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