Terjemahan dari sloppy
careless, sloppy, bungling, wanton, improper, slovenly
weak, poor, faint, feeble, frail, sloppy
muddy, sloppy, slimy, squashy, sludgy, turbid
dirty, slovenly, squalid, shabby, grubby, sloppy
maudlin, mushy, sloppy, fractious, mawkish
wet, damp, soggy, moist, fresh, sloppy
watery, juicy, succulent, fleshy, sappy, sloppy
sloppy, muddy, sloughy, squashy
aqueous, watery, thin, liquid, weak, sloppy
sludgy, muddy, draggled, sloppy, sloughy, squashy
tdk rapi
unkempt, dowdy, slovenly, disheveled, sloven, sloppy
yg terlalu mengikuti perasaan
Definisi sloppy
(of semifluid matter) containing too much liquid; watery.
do not make the concrete too sloppy
sinonim: runny, watery, thin, liquid, semiliquid, mushy, gloppy
careless and unsystematic; excessively casual.
your speech has always been sloppy
sinonim: careless, slapdash, slipshod, lackadaisical, haphazard, lax, slack, slovenly, slaphappy, shambolic
(of a garment) casual and loose-fitting.
she wore a sloppy sweater and jeans
sinonim: baggy, loose-fitting, loose, generously cut, shapeless, sacklike, oversized
(of literature or behavior) weakly or foolishly sentimental.
lovers of sloppy romance
sinonim: sentimental, mawkish, cloying, saccharine, sugary, syrupy, romantic, slushy, schmaltzy, lovey-dovey, soppy, cornball, corny, sappy, hokey, three-hankie
  • careless, slapdash, slipshod, lackadaisical, haphazard, lax, slack, slovenly, slaphappy,shambolic
  • baggy, loose-fitting, loose, generously cut, shapeless, sacklike, oversized
  • runny, watery, thin, liquid, semiliquid, mushy, gloppy
  • sentimental, mawkish, cloying, saccharine, sugary, syrupy, romantic, slushy, schmaltzy,lovey-dovey, soppy, cornball, corny, sappy, hokey, three-hankie
  • slipshod, slapdash, haphazard
  • muddy, squashy, swampy, quaggy, waterlogged, sloughy, miry, mucky, boggy, marshy,soggy
  • baggy, loose-fitting
  • overemotional
Lebih sedikit sinonim
It’s sludgy and frequently sloppy but that’s the point.
Despite what you may think, that kind of sloppy unprofessionalism doesn’t add to the cutting edge breaking news image.
One moment demanding a sensitive physicality that eased her down the face of a wave in a sizzle of surf, and the next demanding brute strength to bludgeon her prow into a rising hillock of sloppy green water.
Make it sloppy food for the first few days after the whelping.
He has to eat sloppy food and cannot open his mouth wide, to see if his jaw will heal without being wired.
Either way, it’s entertaining, even though Blumenthal is sometimes sloppy with his facts.
He had even managed to make the school uniform look sloppy .
I’ll stick with my sloppy couldn’t care-less style thank you very much.
But his barbecued pork chow is a great big sloppy yummy concoction.
She was pacing back and forth in the dense sloppy snow that was left over from the storm two weeks before.
But what we did have in common was a dislike of soppy, sloppy liberalism, the idea that there are no moral absolutes.
Retreating to the mud slope, we set to work with the sloppy mud.
The mixture was ridiculously sloppy , so I added more flour and breadcrumbs and then tried to mould the mixture around the layer of mince.
I was in my sloppy clothes that I wear at home only.
It’s a real bonus as well that the sauce isn’t too sweet, nor thick and sloppy like warm peanut butter – something you’ll find in many joints.
I normally wear big sloppy shirts to disguise my figure, but I cannot go to the beach because it is so obvious that I have no top.
I shook my head in amusement and settled back to look at her, dressed in sloppy pajamas.
She had it back in a sloppy ponytail and was in her pajamas.
I want to begin by apologizing for all of the grammatical errors, slapdash reasoning, and sloppy writing in my recent posts.
Her long hair hung haphazardly in a sloppy braid and her tunic and leggings were dirty and torn.
She has a recurring dream, she confides, in which she is a sloppy and unprofessional actress.
They pull it all together, like a great belt does a sloppy dress.
It’s true that people get signed on the strength of some pretty ropey demos but you have to think about why you would want to expend the effort of being in a band and then showcase your sound in such asloppy careless way.
Don’t send a resume and cover letter that has misspellings, poor grammar or looks sloppy and unprofessional.
Golfing slacks and sloppy polo shirts might be fine for the links, but they won’t cut it among his new playboy peer group.
And neither do you, thanks to sloppy reporting and slapdash conclusions.
Meticulous on the one hand, but unbelievably sloppy and careless on the other.
It’s so unprofessional to have a sloppy list, so write another one, okay?
Holding onto profits might lead to excessive executive compensation, sloppy management, and unproductive use of assets.
Here is architecture, rather than sloppy sentimentality or crass commercialism.
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