Terjemahan dari salubrious
yg menyehatkan
healthful, salubrious, salutary, nutritious
yg menyegarkan
bracing, restorative, refreshing, refrigerant, invigorating, salubrious
Definisi salubrious
health-giving; healthy.
salubrious weather
sinonim: healthy, health-giving, healthful, beneficial, wholesome, salutary
  • healthy, health-giving, healthful, beneficial, wholesome, salutary
  • pleasant, agreeable, pleasing, enjoyable, pleasurable, nice, delightful, select, high-class,upscale, upmarket, posh, swanky, classy, swank, cushty
  • healthy
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With its salubrious weather, few would want to move out, especially to Bangalore, but for those on a business trip or others getting back home after a short vacation or some others who venture out just for the sake of it.
For Maduraites, the rain last week was timely indeed, bringing an interlude of salubrious weather condition.
Coupled with the salubrious climate of Coimbatore, the course provides the much needed respite from the hustle and bustle of our life.
Today’s news also brought the suggestion that the traditional growing regions for fine wines may not be the regions producing the most salubrious wines.
It began as a colony of orange growers, but by the 1880s, wealthy Easterners had discovered that thesalubrious climate might benefit them as much as it did any orange.
Elegant open-air cafés, big luxury hotels, sprawling mansions, salubrious parks, old bridges and sleepy streets, all proudly wear Mozart on their sleeves.
It is a highly literary and lyrical novel looking at loneliness, friendship, family, middle age and life in a less than salubrious part of our capital city.
He found applicants with addresses in ‘difficult’ areas received half as many invitations to an interview as those from more salubrious districts.
Utilising some of Merseyside’s less salubrious areas as locations, Cox was determined to make a regional movie, employing a crew made up entirely of people based in the north west of England.
One cannot afford to seriously tamper with the geography of the city which derives its salubriousclimate from its green cover and many lakes.
They are uncomfortable and you are hot and sweaty under them, never mind the city’s salubriousweather for most of the year.
The State Government went about ‘marketing’ the city using its salubrious climate and ample space as baits to get investors to set up shop here.
A quiet, rustic and salubrious setting, away from the bustling metropolis, is where Navkis Residential Junior College is situated.
But there are less salubrious areas such as the Furness estate with boarded up houses and a history of problems with out-of-control teenagers.
The launch of the scheme took place last Wednesday night, one of the first gatherings, in the salubrious surroundings of the new parish centre.
For them, securing a house on one of Dublin’s most salubrious residential roads is now a pipe dream.
Her marriage to Cole brings her far not only from the aristocratic comforts to which she is accustomed, but also from the salubrious English countryside which is her ‘natural’ setting.
Cool breeze and a salubrious climate injected fresh energy in them.
Bangalore is situated at the centre of a tableland, 3,000 feet above mean sea level and is endowed withsalubrious climate.
With the weather turning out to be salubrious for the past few days, fitting well into the celebratory atmosphere, the students could not ask for more.
Set in the backdrop of sylvan surroundings and salubrious weather, the CED Catering College attracted visitors to the venue, with the aroma of different cuisines beckoning participants to have a go at the dishes.
If we can just take the Sunshine Coast as an example, most of your listeners will probably think of it as a very salubrious , glitzy area.
Lazy mornings, salubrious settings of an exotic mountain resort or a luxurious beachside, good food and music… what more can you ask for to indulge in during a holiday?
However, since moving to a more salubrious area, he has been a victim of three car crimes.
Just a year ago, Bangalore enjoyed a reputation not only as India’s Silicon Valley but also as a pleasant, tranquil place to live, with a salubrious climate and tree-lined streets.
If they had dumped us a long way away in an area that was not salubrious then we would have had problems.
Global warming and coastal conservation do not form the basis of political discussion in downtown Detroit or the less salubrious neighbourhoods of Chicago, where the chief talking points are suburban, white issues.
Soaring property prices has led to many original inhabitants, along with artists and musicians, being pushed out to areas less salubrious .
With the proliferation of rural housing many properties in rural areas are now closer together than urban properties in the more salubrious areas of our larger towns and cities.
Kostas bought a taxi and the pair went to work, spending their nights in the city’s less salubrious areas, with prostitutes making up the bulk of their clientele.



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