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The Maoist rebels have been waging a Marxist insurrection in Nepal for nine years to abolish the monarchy.

The insurrection swept the old government from office and could only be crushed by the might of the Russian army.

the insurrection was savagely put down

An urban insurrection in Jerusalem was followed by a general uprising of the Jewish peasantry.

opposition to the new regime led to armed insurrection

Stalin saw the organisers of the insurrection as reactionary nationalists who would stand in the way of future Soviet hegemony.

The popular insurrection gave the government a much greater mandate than any election.

An agrarian insurrection swept across the region in the 1880s.

Then there was an insurrection in which the British killed 10,000 people.

An insurrection by French resistance forces freed the city.

One sector, led by the Ministry of Education and the Mayor of Caracas, called for a popular insurrection to defend the government.

They were under the general orders of Mola and Franco, the leaders of the military insurrection that had sparked the Spanish Civil War.

the insurrection was savagely put down

In February 1917 economic strikes and food protests led by women fused into a general strike that drew the army into an insurrection .

1968 was the big year of revolt, its epicentre the student-led insurrection in Paris.

In 1920 British troops put down an insurrection in Iraq, and crushed protests and strikes in favour of independence in Egypt.

opposition to the new regime led to armed insurrection

For a short while, the police continued to insist that they had thwarted an armed insurrection .

This was possible because of the efforts of the Philippine insurrectionists , who controlled most of the island.

But with no sign of the promised agrarian reforms, landless agricultural workers joined the urban insurrectionary movement, seized the large farming estates and started developing them collectively.

Nothing frightened slave-dependent societies more than the prospect of widespread slave insurrections .

Releasing the photos at that point would have run the risk of stirring up insurrectionists and undermining the new government.

As far as the Empire was concerned, Gandhi was a troublemaker, an insurrectionist , and a traitor to the Empire.

The long-simmering anger of alienated black youth at racism and economic injustice in the ghettos was erupting into violent and destructive urban insurrections .

South Africa’s government was by that time mired in an economic crisis and faced an insurrectionary mass movement of the black working class.

However, international governing bodies can help to shed light on the relation of proper authority to revolutionary wars and political insurrections through their legitimacy-conferring function.

At this rate we could have government grants for insurrectionists .

In Germany workers played a leading part in the 1848 insurrections .

The demands for moral reform were also directed at an incomprehensible, and apparently subversive and insurrectionary , urban culture that actually intensified through attempts at repression and prohibition.

The insurrectionary municipal government sought to prevent a confrontation with the powers, but it was nevertheless committed to the unilateral abolition of the Foreign Concessions, and the threat remained.



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