Terjemahan dari concern
attention, concern, care, interest, consideration, notice
affairs, business, matter, dealings, concern, charge
matter, problem, question, thing, item, concern
concern, thoughtfulness
company, enterprise, firm, corporation, business, concern
firm, company, enterprise, concern, concernment
concern, heartbreak, anxiety, moodiness, hip
anxiety, concern, heartbreak, moodiness, hip
stock, share, holdings, portion, part, concern
concern, involve, catch, foul
respect, hit, affect, concern, refer, pertain
penting bagi
worry, concern, discomfort, alarm, discompose, disconcert
head, lead, aim, ride, lead up, concern
berhubungan dgn
concern, keep in touch with, get in touch with, join, contact, rub up
describe, depict, portray, represent, reflect, concern
sangkut paut
Definisi concern
anxiety; worry.
such unsatisfactory work gives cause for concern
sinonim: anxiety, worry, disquiet, apprehensiveness, unease, consternation; solicitude, consideration, care, sympathy, regard
a matter of interest or importance to someone.
oil reserves are the concern of the Energy Department
sinonim: responsibility, business, affair, charge, duty, job, province, preserve, problem, worry, bag, bailiwick; interest, importance, relevance, significance
relate to; be about.
the story concerns a friend of mine
sinonim: be about, deal with, have to do with, cover, discuss, go into, examine, study, review, analyze, relate to, pertain to
3 definisi lain
anxiety, solicitude, responsibility, interest, affair, company, fear, business organization, vexation
be about, affect, involve oneself in, worry, occupy, touch
78 sinonim lain
don’t concern yourself , old boy—my lips are sealed
However, the speed in which the disease is spreading in Taiwan is still a reason for concern and worry.
that’s no concern of mine
they should not pry into what does not concern them
the survival of an endangered species is of concern to wildlife biologists
It comes to him as a surprise that these signs should be a matter of concern to any one of the crafts of men.
it’s not solely the concern of the bank
There was no twentieth century concern for separating religion and the public school system.
you must not concern yourself about me
such unsatisfactory work gives cause for concern
He looked up at his son; both pairs of identical eyes held concern and worry.
The legal implications of all these matters have been the concern of administrative law.
Danni’s eyes fluttered open and she saw Kevin’s blue eyes full of concern and worry.
Not that it matters if our concern with knowledge is scientific or artistic.
Of particular concern are possible perturbations induced by the probes.
we need not concern ourselves with the semantics of this language
Cutler’s chief concern related to the separation of powers principle.
Was it possible to report those facts, which at least arguably are matters of legitimate public concernor interest?
Today, the business remains a family concern , with three generations taking the lead alongside a four-strong workforce.
she was prying into that which did not concern her
We will welcome your input on matters of concern to your community.
His primary concern and his main interest was to see the Bachelor’s Walk development proceed.
The house became a business concern in 1995 after the death of the sixth Marquess.
the prospect should be of concern to us all
Compare the duration of this discussion with the time allocated to matters of concern to the general public.
there was a lack of concern for people
Carole gazed at her with concern
Evelyn turned to me, her eyes full of concern and worry as she rubbed my back gently.
a small, debt-ridden concern
Dan felt a pang of concern for his wingmate, who sounded much less than her usually confident self.
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to whom it may concern, going concern, concern with, main concern, concern about, concern over,concern for, primary concern, sister concern, matter of concern



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