Terjemahan dari stronghold
stronghold, fastness, bunker, fortress, bulwark, entrenchment
castle, fortress, fort, citadel, stronghold, fortification
Definisi stronghold
a place that has been fortified so as to protect it against attack.
World War I saw the evolution of a new fortification setup combining field strongholds with fortresses.
sinonim: fortress, fort, castle, citadel, garrison
  • fortress, fort, castle, citadel, garrison
  • bastion, center, hotbed, safe seat
  • fastness
Lebih sedikit sinonim
The middle and upper end of the market continues to be a stronghold of independent agencies such as Strutt & Parker and its peers.
California has the undeserved reputation of being a liberal stronghold , a land of progressive new ideas.
The contemporary music scene was the stronghold of disco and stadium rock, the two bland ends of a narrow spectrum.
Ganesh and Rohit hope to capitalise on their stronghold of creativity and use of actual sounds.
If Brocade is to protect its stronghold there, it too needs to offer an end-to-end solution.
It has been deployed to fill in for American combat troops required for the attack on the rebelstronghold .
a Labour stronghold
No, there’ll be no libelling their stronghold as the ‘land of rain’, true as it may be.
Government troops recently violated a ceasefire, attacking a rebel stronghold in the north.
a Republican stronghold
They were able to build a fortified town and a stronghold they called a vault in case of an assault.
In fact, the Foreign Ministry has been a stronghold of fascist continuity.
His right wing PAN party lost legislative seats and governorships in places long considered PANstrongholds .
In this mode you make a custom fighter, then you go through a tactical game of taking enemystrongholds to fortify your battlefield position.
They appeared to drive the enemy from the capital within days and then mounted attacks on rebelstrongholds elsewhere.
We are taking the fight into the strongholds of the enemy, and we are dealing the enemy blow after blow, damaging it daily.
The use of dummy strongholds and targets can minimize fire impact of an attacking enemy force 20 percent to 30 percent.
However, the party failed to progress beyond its regional strongholds even after it had reshaped itself into the Canadian Alliance.
The government deployed additional military forces to attack terrorist strongholds .
World War I saw the evolution of a new fortification setup combining field strongholds with fortresses.
The charter references to ‘fortress-work’ imply fortified strongholds rather than dykes.
He has been to Democrat strongholds , Republican bastions and across the battleground states of the Midwest.
At the same time opposition forces began building fortified strongholds in hard-to-access mountainous areas.
Cadeyrn was gone from the palace for days at a time, visiting forts along the coast and thestrongholds of his warlords.
He demonstrated the value of infantry strongholds , when they were properly supported, to inhibit enemy armoured thrusts.
Iraqi strongholds and fortified areas were sealed off with a part of coalition forces.
For reformers all along the rhetorical spectrum, red-light districts were the strongholds of organized vice.
We will discover Nature’s secret strongholds .
They take in the Thornton & Allerton, and Clayton & Fairweather Green wards, both Tory strongholdsin local elections.
Moreover, trade union strongholds in the public sector are further threatened by ongoing privatisation.



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