Terjemahan dari strand
strand, string, thread, garland, couplet, rope
strand, blade, sheet
strand, veining, nerves, muscle, fiber, grain
beach, coast, shore, strand, plage, ripe
strand, blade, sheet
wire, cable, cord, line, strand, telegram
strand, skein, wisp
tepi pesisir
fail, ground, strand, be aground, fall through
strand, be marooned
frustrate, strand, ground, beach
strand, cast up on the shore, cast ashore
interweave, strand, include
braid, weave, interweave, knit, tie, strand
Definisi strand
the shore of a sea, lake, or large river.
a heron glided to rest on a pebbly strand
sinonim: seashore, shore, beach, sands, foreshore, shoreline, seaside, waterfront, front, waterside
a single thin length of something such as thread, fiber, or wire, especially as twisted together with others.
a strand of cotton
sinonim: thread, filament, fiber, length, ply
drive or leave (a boat, sailor, or sea creature) aground on a shore.
the ships were stranded in shallow water
  • thread, filament, fiber, length, ply
  • element, component, factor, ingredient, aspect, feature, strain
  • seashore, shore, beach, sands, foreshore, shoreline, seaside, waterfront, front, waterside
  • string, chain
  • filament, fibril
  • maroon
  • run aground, ground
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Every Sunday the beach buggy riders come to the strand in cars and vans and spend the afternoon zooming up and down the shoreline between Beale and Littor Strands when the tide is out.
The Annual Blessing of the Boats will take place on Friday, May 30, at 5 pm on the front strand at Cro-mane Lower.
Another strand of pearls was clasped behind her neck.
Her heart felt as if it was hanging onto a single strand of thread, able to break off and shatter into pieces any moment.
He felt in his pocket, and found his target: a strand of rosary beads his mother had given him before he had gone to serve in the Guard three months before.
She tugged gently on the strand of beads around her neck, tucking them cautiously under her shirt again and letting a sigh pass her lips.
Further down the coastline many people were out on Littor strand and other beaches, taking advantage of the sunshine.
And the fifth strand of the complex of arguments in this book is the following.
a strand of cotton
Roll a strand of pearls on flat surface to test them for roundness.
From here you will have the perfect view of the lower end of the resort as well as the main beach and the back strand .
The scenery of this ancient coastline, from the golden strand of Lacken to Downpatrick Head to Belmullet is awesome.
Littor strand has had a busy season with many locals and visitors enjoying the peaceful beach and calm waters.
Cristofer also improves on, or completes, a plot strand in the novel.
A single strand of wire encircled the top of both the exclosures and the open units to allow for similar seed input from bird defecation into all the units.
The cat is in the other room, playing with its favorite toy: a long strand of wire with a tiny knob of wood at each end.
Low water ended construction on the canal and threatened to strand the deep-draft vessels.
She wears a wide beaded choker and an extra-long strand of pearls double looped around her neck.
This strand was completely child – initiated; original activities began as a result of child requests and ideas.
Stating that the contamination was not an isolated incident, he claimed it was a regular occurrence further east along the beach towards the sand dunes and into the back strand .
Glass fibre cables can carry infinitely more information than copper wires and every glass strand needs a protective coating.
a heron glided to rest on a pebbly strand
He complained about insufficient car parking for visitors to the strand and the poor access facilities onto the beach for the elderly and people with disabilities.
I opened it and a beautiful strand of pearls was there.
Feelings could be fickle… I twisted a strand of grass between my fingers.
a heron glided to rest on a pebbly strand
I sighed with frustration as I failed to thread the strand of white cotton through the eye of the needle for the fourth time and stifled the urge to throw the needle across the room.
Of the total of 39 pilot whales that came ashore, 18 died and were buried on the strand by Dingle Coast Guard and Kerry County Council.
she turned to the mirror and picked up her three strand necklace of pearls.
The whole book was put together with a strand running length-wise on the back and on the front and then four horizontal strands held the pages together.
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