Terjemahan dari requisite
requirement, reservation, requisite, proviso, provision, stipulation
needs, need, requirement, necessity, necessary, requisite
need, necessity, necessary, requirement, utilities, requisite
demand, claim, charge, requirement, indictment, requisite
yg dibutuhkan
required, requisite
yg diperlukan
needful, required, necessary, indispensable, requisite, fundamental
yg diwajibkan
requisite, compulsive, compulsory
yg diharuskan
required, requisite
Definisi requisite
made necessary by particular circumstances or regulations.
the application will not be processed until the requisite fee is paid
sinonim: necessary, required, prerequisite, essential, indispensable, vital
a thing that is necessary for the achievement of a specified end.
she believed privacy to be a requisite for a peaceful life
sinonim: necessity, essential, essential requirement, prerequisite, precondition, sine qua non, must
  • necessary, required, prerequisite, essential, indispensable, vital
  • needed, required, needful
  • necessity, essential, essential requirement, prerequisite, precondition, sine qua non, must
  • necessity, requirement, necessary, essential
At the end of some of the early numbers, there was a sticky few seconds of silence before therequisite applause began.
Charlie’s Angels is a film that never takes the requisite conventions and demands of traditional narrative film-making too much to heart.
Inevitably, he’s been given the less interesting of the two roles and does his best with it, hitting therequisite notes of sarcasm, brutality and integrity.
It’s a Paris of the ’60s – that most tumultuous and sentimentalized of decades – and comes with all therequisite anger, anxiousness and idealism.
I can’t think what it would cost to furnish a single shot with, say, a street full of period cars, all polished or dirtied up to the requisite degree of authenticity.
The appraisal shows sufficient equity to bring payments current, escrow several months into the future and handle taxes and insurance as well as all the substantial requisite fees for the lender.
‘I have read that it was a saying of an ancient Greek that the first requisite for happiness was to be born in a famous city,’ he writes.
Scott trained at the Welsh College of Music and Drama, and suffered the requisite years of unemployment before breaking through.
And nowhere is simplicity more requisite than when selling technology to mainstream consumers.
To refute Gearty in the requisite detail would demand an article longer than his, so I shall just raise some questions.
A wedding is in many ways the penultimate dramatic premise – a family gathering on a large scale that is invariably accompanied by significant tensions, along with the requisite celebrations.
The rub is that I don’t feel the requisite sensations, and never have, in the presence of the paintings themselves.
A man condemned in his own day for his sexual practices and lascivious writings, after his death he was crowned patron saint of the Surrealists, but was also requisite bedside reading for many a serial killer.
To begin with, Eisenman was not an alcoholic, as seems requisite for English intellectuals, but more properly a neurotic.
Since he has passed the requisite security check, the Bureau has obviously forgotten about the incident, but the informant, if still alive, could destroy Michael’s chances.
After 1982, anyone who wanted to operate a radio station had to fill out the requisite forms, buy the necessary equipment, and start broadcasting on a given FM frequency.
A Salient Editor needs to have a strong vision, and the requisite traits to make that vision a reality.
Henry, after the requisite period of lying deathly pale in bed and mopping his face on the sheets, recovers.
However, only a few of the dozen-strong cast have the requisite style to make the parody trenchant instead of merely silly.
Regardless of the precautions you take, your requisite insurance does not necessarily have to be expensive.
Faltering asset prices would have at some point stymie requisite Credit growth and the house of cards would have come tumbling down.
However, government’s policies need to be in tandem with the strategic imperatives of the nation brand in order to reap the requisite synergies.
So as if anyone informed on us, they wouldn’t find the larger distill further down the creek which we had with the sugar and all the other requisites for that.
For a composer to take part in building up a national style in this way, there were two requisites ; he must have original power within himself, and he must have national musical traits to work upon.
The requisites for obtaining a facility installation permit are set out in Division 6.
Thus although not as technologically driven as the modern world, the ancient and classical world none the less possessed all of the requisites for a realist international relations of power politics.
We argue that Henry lacked the requisites for effective political leadership.
Calvin Klein models’ faces are redrawn as skulls with requisitely and impossibly high cheekbones.
He looked requisitely adolescent, like a baby in need of a wet nurse, and possessed the ability to delude himself into thinking he could carry a tune.
Most techno performers find the requisites of rock band culture inappropriate to their needs.



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