Terjemahan dari refute
deny, refute, disprove, disown, contradict, disclaim
refute, disprove, contradict, protest, contravene, remonstrate
membuktikan bahwa salah
Definisi refute
prove (a statement or theory) to be wrong or false; disprove.
these claims have not been convincingly refuted
  • disprove, prove wrong, prove false, debunk, discredit, invalidate, poke holes in, confute
  • rebut
  • rebut, controvert
Lebih sedikit sinonim
As with all research, evaluations of these hypotheses will not confirm or refute associated theories but may allow refinement of theories.
This is an enormous leap, for the bulk of Prof. Budziszewski’s arguments aim to refute opponents of capital punishment.
He was scheduled to hold a press conference in Bangkok later Saturday to refute accusations by the Cambodian government that he incited the riots.
But one cannot refute Howard by suggesting that his intervention somehow ‘disrupts’ the study of history.
It’s almost as if Bush was daring people to refute him, knowing full well that it was such an illogical claim that it would make people uncomfortable to call him on it.
Fortunately, I do not have to refute the labor theory of value, it’s already been done, see Human Action by Mises.
Instead, to date, Gibson has refused to fully refute his father.
This process of using observation and experiment to refute false theories does not rely on induction in any way.
I refute Mr Strausbaugh’s accusations but I applaud his championing of Ballard.
But I think, there’s plenty of evidence to refute him on the facts.
To refute the accusations, Ma went to Xianyang 215 Hospital for a hymen test on February 6.
We set out over the past year to refute those people who said we couldn’t do more than one thing at a time.
They have five or six people running around doing talk shows and trying to refute me and trying to besmirch me.
I’m going to refute Bruce in three easy steps, first with some history, second with some analogy, and lastly with a bit of philosophy.
To be useful to scholars a proposition must be falsifiable – there must be something which could in theory refute the statement.
Before Taiden could even begin to refute these accusations, the crowd turned on him.
In these papers, where he was largely concerned with general philosophical problems of time and space, he adopted a quixotic standpoint in his attempt to refute the theory as being logically untenable.
Such restraint certainly appears to refute any accusation of aerial terrorism and seems almost magnanimous compared to the British propensity to bomb any suspicious activity.
It is for the defence to search for evidence to refute the accusation’s charges.
Dembski’s latest attempt to refute Darwinian theory is by arguing that in a closed system, information can only decrease.
Indeed recently, Egypt has been keen to refute accusations that it has lost its influence in Africa and that it perceives Africa as a fourth priority, after the Middle East, the US, and Europe.
Naturally, the panelists are keen to refute the various theories and game plans that dominate the thinking of the ruling establishment in Washington.
It is the nullification of public discourse, for how can one refute accusations grounded in ethnicity?
As an experienced Real Estate Agent I strongly refute the claims made in this letter.
That’s America, a place where Cindy Sheehan can say whatever the hell she wants and where you are free to refute her.
But instead of trying to refute what Chomsky actually says and writes, Morley instead decides to refutethe man himself.
Such achievements, and the principles of common purpose that drove them, should be used to refuteEurope’s sceptics everywhere.
That story alone would appear to refute the accusations of those who have denounced Sonia as a gold-digger, capitalising on the vulnerability of Orwell when he was dying.
his voice challenging his audience to rise and refute him
Well, Neil, now we’ve got somebody on the other side to refute you.



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