Terjemahan dari defy
oppose, defy, resist, go against, confront, argue
challenge, defy, brave, outdare
argue, deny, dispute, disprove, rebut, defy
violate, break, infringe, transgress, contravene, defy
tahan menghadapi
Definisi defy
openly resist or refuse to obey.
a woman who defies convention
sinonim: disobey, go against, flout, fly in the face of, disregard, ignore, break, violate, contravene, breach, infringe
  • disobey, go against, flout, fly in the face of, disregard, ignore, break, violate, contravene,breach, infringe
  • elude, escape, defeat, frustrate, thwart, baffle
  • challenge, dare
  • resist, refuse
  • withstand, hold up, hold
  • dare
  • That’s why scientists were shocked to spot an insect with wings that seem to defy the forces of nature.
  • They give awards to sites that mostly, by their very nature, defy categorisation.
  • Despite these troubling warnings, we were determined to defy nature.
  • I defy you to wear one for a day and not get stopped, so beware!
  • The spirit of the law is undoubtedly being breached by this – I defy anyone to make a profit from an opera house.
  • It was right and moral for the strongest race to survive; to have pity for the weak was to defy nature’s laws.
  • The effect has been to institutionalize a process that, by its very nature, seems to defy institutionalization.
  • But the establishment refuses to defy its campaign donors in the pharmaceutical industry.
  • It is in the nature of disaster to defy representation.
  • But I defy you to watch the film and not turn away, or at least feel genuine revulsion, at several points.
  • Acres of pristine, dirt-free limestone streets and walkways – resembling snaking silver rivers – defy you to even think of dropping a sweet or food wrapper.
  • It’s just so infectiously fun, and we defy anyone who hears this amazing album not to play air guitar the instant they hear these tracks.
  • He’s so funny, and so purely charismatic here as to defy adequate description.
  • Suddenly, we were told, single women everywhere could order made-to-measure designer babies and infertile couples could defy the laws of nature and have healthy children.
  • But I defy anyone not to find the ‘rodeo on ice’ amusing.
  • I defy anyone to find the actual hokey-pokey in that sequence.
  • If the bishop is the final word on governance in his diocese, then he can openly defy the Pope in matters of governance.
  • There are innumerable bends that I defy anyone who has any passion whatsoever for motorcycling to be able to ride without making contact between knee slider and tarmac!
  • I defy anyone who calls themselves human not to go weak at the knees when they hear this guy sing – a voice so clear and perfect that it could probably craft the edges on diamonds.
  • There may be exceptions, but I defy anyone to prove me wrong on this point.
She didn’t defy authority, but refused to back down.
The predaceous diving beetle seems to defy the rules of nature.
Matt has recently purchased some new hardware, and there are days when I would defy you to find anything smarter or more amusing anywhere.
The emerging malpractices and general chicanery of these cash-driven outfits defy belief.
They defy the laws of nature and have no respect for the lives that are destroyed by them.
As a bishop, she is pledged to uphold church law and file charges against pastors who openly defy it.
his actions defy belief
This enables one to control various energies and seemingly defy the laws of nature.
Guide dog owners have condemned ‘ignorant’ restaurants and pubs that continue to defy the law by refusing to accept their animals.
I would defy anyone to keep coming up with something different because it’s really difficult, but to do the same thing bores me and I won’t lay that on the public.
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