Terjemahan dari rampant
yg merajalela
rampant, high-handed
tdk terkendali
rampant, harebrained
yg berdiri dgn kaki belakang
yg menjadi-jadi
Definisi rampant
(especially of something unwelcome or unpleasant) flourishing or spreading unchecked.
political violence was rampant
sinonim: uncontrolled, unrestrained, unchecked, unbridled, widespread, out of control, out of hand, rife
(of an animal) represented standing on one hind foot with its forefeet in the air (typically in profile, facing the dexter (left) side, with right hind foot and tail raised, unless otherwise specified).
two gold lions rampant
(of an arch) springing from a level of support at one height and resting on the other support at a higher level.
  • uncontrolled, unrestrained, unchecked, unbridled, widespread, out of control, out of hand, rife
  • vehement, strong, violent, forceful, intense, passionate, fanatical
  • luxuriant, exuberant, lush, rich, riotous, rank, profuse, vigorous, jungly
  • rearing
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Student loads have tripled, and, although grade inflation is rampant , few faculty are inclined to question the decline in standards.
When I met him – back from cutting rampant ferns on the Plains – he had just heard a rare hawfinch in ‘Barbara’s garden’.
Inflation was rampant , industrial output was low and agricultural production was below prewar levels.
The weeds and rampant vegetation seem to be dying off, as if the owner has run amok with a weedkiller can a few years too late.
And yes, they need sun-drenched days to produce the rampant vines that manufacture carbohydrates that sweeten the fruits.
In his eyes, to improve the situation, effective control over the rampant exaggeration contained in advertisements for sex products was necessary.
Individuals had to learn the importance of clean hands and basic personal sanitation to stop therampant spread of infectious disease.
The downturn in the technology sector put a swift end to IT recruitment trends characterised by inflated salaries and rampant job-hopping at all levels.
One of the more insidious invasions of our privacy rights is the rampant spread of drug tests in the American workplace.
It is a similar picture in thousands of villages across China, where population growth has meantrampant farming and wasteful irrigation.
Members of Friends of the Earth in York say the city’s best nature sites have been swamped byrampant foreign weeds, which pose a serious threat to native animals and flora.
The glamour has faded away, because of the weak main building and the rampant plants growing inside and outside.
The vigorous, almost rampant tree is very productive in both spring and fall.
Weeks after allegations of rampant grade inflation, Harvard University professors are being asked to justify the grades they give students.
It is also suffering from rampant inflation, resulting in strikes, protests and the collapse of business investments.
In my view, it has always been a case of rampant U.S. Credit inflation impairing the dollar.
Inflation was rampant (reaching around 1,000 per cent in Argentina) and currencies collapsed.
The state of the economy and the rampant spread of methamphetamine use has many not caring how they go about getting the tourist to hand over the money.
They had secured a bonus point by the 25th minute, and eight more scores followed in a rampantsecond-half performance, with Will Greenwood and Ben Cohen both grabbing a brace of tries.
At first the deficit was partly masked by rampant inflation and partly also set off against the money coming in from privatizations.
Make sure, though, that you have room to grow them: Wisterias are vigorous, even rampant growers.
More than just a rampant performer his instantly distinguishable, almost androgynous voice has the power to hurt and haunt in vastly varying situations.
The rampant vines produce numerous pods that turn purple as they mature.
Online rumors and misinformation are rampant and can spread like wildfire.
Indeed, by the end of 1981 inflation was rampant , reaching 14.1 percent.
It is most prominent at this time of year, after the snow and before the rampant vegetation covers the worse excesses.
Although they can be controlled by hard pruning after the flowers have faded, it might be better to plant something less rampant in the first place.
It grows easily from rooted pieces of stem and although it is fairly vigorous, it does not suffocate other plants in the same way as a more rampant climber such as Star Jasmine would do.
In the very few crannies left behind are fleurs-de-lis, rampant lions, unicorns, dogs, and vases of flowers.
This job, more than any other, has really opened my eyes to just how rampant and unchecked mental illness is these days.
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