Terjemahan dari intense
amat sangat
intense, profound
strong, robust, solid, firm, intense, potent
vibrant, enthusiastic, spirited, keen, viable, intense
great, superb, terrific, fabulous, wonderful, intense
tremendous, exceptional, severe, serious, intense, considerable
sharp, keen, snappy, pungent, strong, intense
enterprising, active, viable, keen, aggressive, intense
Definisi intense
of extreme force, degree, or strength.
the job demands intense concentration
sinonim: extreme, great, acute, fierce, severe, high, exceptional, extraordinary, harsh, strong, powerful, potent, overpowering, vigorous, serious
having or showing strong feelings or opinions; extremely earnest or serious.
an intense young woman, passionate about her art
sinonim: passionate, impassioned, ardent, fervent, zealous, vehement, fiery, emotional, earnest, eager, animated, spirited, vigorous, energetic, fanatical, committed
  • extreme, great, acute, fierce, severe, high, exceptional, extraordinary, harsh, strong, powerful,potent, overpowering, vigorous, serious
  • passionate, impassioned, ardent, fervent, zealous, vehement, fiery, emotional, earnest, eager,animated, spirited, vigorous, energetic, fanatical, committed
  • acute
  • vivid
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Playing basketball, football, and baseball, the intense young man graduated from high school in St. Pete in 1959.
Don’t be too intense , be serious but good natured if possible.
O’Driscoll set up O’Shea but she was forced wide and under intense pressure her effort only reached the keeper.
Imagine someone pulling your muscles with intense force.
Glutamate is an important neurotransmitter in the brain, and can be released in large amounts duringintense neural activity.
There was intense behind-the-scenes activity in Strasbourg last night as political groups tried to reach a compromise before the report is debated today.
Dutch researchers said recently that regular moderate exercise can burn energy and help shed those extra pounds or kilos more than short infrequent bursts of intense activity.
They rushed to the blazing aircraft, but were forced back by the intense heat.
As your hand can be held over your eyes to reduce the glare of the sky and help focus the view, the panels comfort by modifying the intense forces of nature.
The metal piece was rapidly engulfed in an intense heat, forcing Jen to drop it as she was burnt.
Its very success, however, triggers new and intense activity among opponents who see in her a foe whose defeat will require their most determined efforts.
The next morning would bring more intense activities.
Under intense pressure it was forced to yield him.
Most important – don’t indulge in computer games that require long periods of intense keyboard or mouse activity.
But by Sunday morning, the intense Garda activity in the area had alerted townspeople that this quiet area was the scene of a major investigation.
Brendan Barrington exudes vibrant enthusiasm, he is intense , thoughtful and passionate about his creation.
‘My research is only a small part of the intense research activity in the faculty of Applied Health Sciences,’ said Rush.
Listening to this intense young man, there is little doubt he has done things the hard way; no favours doled out and none asked for.
British and French forces occupied Port Said but were forced to withdraw under intense U.S. economic pressure.
The Indoaustralia plate meets with the Euroasia and Pacific plates, and their movements causeintense tectonic activity in Indonesia.
He is taller and rangier than he looks on screen – he is almost six foot – and far more intense and serious than when he is playing someone else.
Temperatures reached the mid-nineties on Wednesday and the heat index soared past 105 degrees with intense humidity levels.
Where the line is to be drawn depends on a judgment involving logic and common sense, the assessment of matters of degree and an intense focus on the circumstances of a particular case.
He’s intense and serious about the work, but sometimes he’ll go off on a comic riff.
Instead of looking at the sea, he found himself at the boulevard, his eyes being stung by the intenseferocity and strength of the pounding gust.
Late in the afternoon of April 8, after days of intense pressure, Union forces made a decisive breakthrough at Spanish Fort.
They’re serious, they’re intense , but at the same time, they know what the stakes are here and we’re really focused on that.
And up to 90% of people diagnosed with asthma experience attacks during intense physical activity.
On the one hand he’s very enthusiastic and intense and can be serious, but he’s also such a laugh, and so expressive that he wins you over.
Using ESI, an intense electric field forces the liquid sample into a fine mist of tiny, highly charged droplets.
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