Terjemahan dari covert
hidden, secret, ulterior, covert, latent, occult
married, covert, hitched, ringed
vague, cryptic, dim, disguised, hazy, covert
equivocal, dim, vague, hazy, nebulous, covert
tdk terang-terangan
covert, devious, hole-and-corner
persembunyian hewan
hutan lebat
semak lebat
Definisi covert
not openly acknowledged or displayed.
covert operations against the dictatorship
sinonim: secret, furtive, clandestine, surreptitious, stealthy, cloak-and-dagger, hole-and-corner, backstairs, backroom, hidden, under-the-table, concealed, private, undercover, underground, hush-hush
(of a woman) married and under the authority and protection of her husband.
a thicket in which game can hide.
I couldn’t help but admire the beautifully laid out game crops and newly-planted coverts .
any of the feathers covering the bases of the main flight or tail feathers of a bird.
The flight feathers are black, and the upper tail coverts and rump area are cobalt blue.
secret, furtive, clandestine, surreptitious, stealthy, cloak-and-dagger, hole-and-corner,backstairs, backroom, hidden, under-the-table, concealed, private, undercover, underground,hush-hush
cover, concealment, screen
– US Federal Law prohibits the unauthorised disclosure of a covert agent’s name.
Police are replacing the battering ram with the more covert ways of catching the dealers.
During this period a few Swedish divers had carried out covert night dives on the wrecks.
Similarly, the law cannot be used to address the growing problem of covert filming.
covert surveillance
Knowing he was in there we called up the beaters and they went through the covert from end to end.
Because the system is wholly passive, it’s well suited to covert surveillance.
It is quite appropriate that the bill states what it does to govern the use of covert devices by the authorities.
Clearly, this bill provides the victims of covert filming with an effective response.
As a covert operative she made trips abroad to exploit her expertise in unconventional weapons.
It may include dramatic strikes visible on TV, and covert operations, secret even in success.
It is people like you that the secret services choose for their most dangerous covert operations.
He whirred from his seat like a surprised partridge beaten from a covert .
covert sources
Police have been monitoring the site and using covert surveillance to trap the troublemakers.
First, environmental justifications for trade restrictions are sometimes little more than covertprotectionism.
The boat was sunk by a covert operations team to discourage other illegal aliens from making the trip.
He lieth under the shady trees, in the covert of the reed, and fens.
This seems to have been the thinking behind the reported covert operation to eliminate the leader in the mid-1990s.
It’s all about covert operations and leaving as little evidence and traces as possible.
In the early nineteenth-century the area was described as a ‘first-rate covert for game and a favourable resort of sportsmen.’
Besides relying on information from residents, they also carry out covert and overt patrols.
Many of our mechanisms to develop and deliver rights protection contain covert begging processes.
But a covert Russian secret police agent discovers them and the chase is on.
Critics of the war have called for more covert action as an alternative to bombing.
You proceed with the covert actions, which I think are probably under way.
At one time, journalistic ethics did not admit of such covertness .
So hunts moved into direct land management, buying and planting small pieces of rough scrub ascoverts .
Mounted hunters and foot followers, accompanied by novice hounds and men wielding whips and spades, surround fox coverts at dawn.
Females also have red wing coverts but to a lesser extent.
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