Terjemahan dari torment
torture, torment, punish, strain, persecute, rack
torment, persecute
bore, weary, pall, fag, tire, torment
bore, drag, cloy, feed up, pall, torment
torment, chastisement, rack
torture, persecution, torment
persecution, torture, mistreatment, maltreatment, molestation, torment
punishment, torment
misery, woes, suffering, tribulation, adversity, torment
pain, agony, illness, soreness, torment, trouble
Definisi torment
severe physical or mental suffering.
their deaths have left both families in torment
sinonim: agony, suffering, torture, pain, anguish, misery, distress, affliction, trauma, wretchedness, hell, purgatory
cause to experience severe mental or physical suffering.
he was tormented by jealousy
sinonim: torture, afflict, rack, harrow, plague, haunt, bedevil, distress, agonize
  • agony, suffering, torture, pain, anguish, misery, distress, affliction, trauma, wretchedness,hell, purgatory
  • ordeal, affliction, scourge, curse, plague, bane, thorn in someone’s side/flesh, cross to bear,sorrow, tribulation, trouble
  • agony, torture
  • torture
  • badgering, worrying, bedevilment
  • harassment
  • curse
  • torture, anguish
  • torture, afflict, rack, harrow, plague, haunt, bedevil, distress, agonize
  • tease, taunt, bait, harass, provoke, goad, plague, bother, trouble, persecute, needle
  • excruciate, rack, torture
  • rag, dun, bedevil, crucify, frustrate
  • excruciate, torture
Lebih sedikit sinonim
The intense mental and physical torment that could be ahead of you will blow your mind.
their deaths have left both families in torment
Bullies are increasingly using phones with built-in cameras to torment their victims.
the journey must have been a torment for them
Each sob brought a load of pain with it, adding physical pain to the mental and emotional torment he was already suffering from.
But it is also one that depicts the inner torment and anguish of a guilt-ridden monarch.
But the shame and the revulsion, the eyes like a mourning shroud, would torment his mind.
The two jocks got up and went to go torment the kid.
But those who do not have a peaceful conscience, dread death even though life means nothing but physical torment .
It’s frustrating enough to encounter a big setback, so why torment the kids with snakes.
The kids torment him and pick on him and turn him into an outcast.
This is true whether he’s dealing with the tyrannically needy Louise, or the popular kids who tormentthem both at school.
Abnormalities in a midpregnancy scan had indicated that all was not as it should be but little did she know of the mental torment and physical endurance test that lay in store.
It is a perilous journey into the unknown, with little or no guidance, mental torment and physical pain at every turn, and an uncertain outcome.
Before any physical torment , the idea would be to make him give up, lose hope.
But hunger there was, and continuous physical torment , and the sudden cessation of all human privacy.
We torment them; we increase the damage they have already suffered.
Other students are putting their lives at risk by hanging out in remote car parks and disused buildings because of the physical and emotional torment they face daily from their peers.
But, to be that glamorous, vibrant and articulate woman, AlĂ­esha has endured enormous torment , physical pain and anguish.
Ministers who believe in an eternal mental and physical torment are much thicker on the ground in the Highlands and Islands and on the west coast of the mainland.
I only tell you this to assure you that many Mac people are near and dear to me and I would never do anything intentionally to taunt, tease or torment any of you.
I could only imagine the inner torment he must be suffering.
Though I do not regret that you will be the one to embark on the quest, I do find it sad that you are already suffering such inner torment .
Not even the delight of passing his driving test or having more time to indulge his devotion to Real Madrid could assuage the inner torment of self-doubt.
Gloucester undergoes physical and mental torment because he makes the same mistake that Lear does.
She has recovered her good looks but suspects the deepest scars, the mental torment she suffers after being almost murdered by a man she once loved, will never heal.
Whatever was done to her, it drained her of all memories and caused much mental torment .
Prickly pear cacti had been a torment during the difficult portage around the Great Falls of the Missouri.
Phil is putting himself through physical torment so that little children don’t step on landmines and die.
Their most profound was a poison that could put a person in great physical pain, then torment them with past woes.
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