Terjemahan dari blunt
blunt, dull, obtuse, torpid, slow-witted
dull, blunt
dull, blunt
stupid, foolish, fool, dumb, ignorant, blunt
smooth, flat, blunt, level, short
crippled, mutilated, blunt
amat kasar
kurang sopan
irreverent, mannerless, impertinent, pert, offhanded, blunt
amat dungu
blunt, outspoken, free-spoken, forthright
tanpa basa-basi
bluff, bluffy, blunt
blunt, dull, hebetate
menjadikan tumpul
blunt, dull, hebetate
orang tolol
stupid, dimwit, sucker, stupe, hardhead, blunt
Definisi blunt
(of a knife, pencil, etc.) having a worn-down edge or point; not sharp.
a blunt knife
sinonim: unsharpened, dull, worn, edgeless
make or become less sharp.
wood can blunt your ax
sinonim: dull, make less sharp
a hollowed-out cigar filled with marijuana.
Consequently, marijuana use in blunts may persist longer into adulthood for a larger proportion of the general population than marijuana use in joints and pipes had in the past.
1 definisi lain
  • unsharpened, dull, worn, edgeless
  • rounded, flat, obtuse, stubby
  • straightforward, frank, plain-spoken, candid, direct, bluff, forthright, unequivocal, brusque,abrupt, curt, terse, bald, brutal, harsh, stark, unadorned, undisguised, unvarnished, upfront
  • candid, straight-from-the-shoulder, free-spoken, plainspoken, forthright, frank, point-blank,outspoken
  • crude, stark
  • dull, make less sharp
  • dull, deaden, dampen, numb, weaken, sap, cool, temper, allay, abate, diminish, reduce,decrease, lessen, deplete
  • numb, dull, benumb
  • deaden
  • dull
Lebih sedikit sinonim
This is why spacecraft are designed with rounded noses and very blunt wings – characteristics that also increase the drag force.
The rostrum is relatively short and blunt , with rounded lateral edges.
When the corn is ready, the ears should be full and blunt at the tip, and the husks should be dark green and tightly folded.
So when did virginity go from something that could blunt knives to something precious that young women must ‘save’ for marriage?
Is it any wonder a blunt would drive him to extremes?
Remove the scallops from their shells by gently scraping and prising them away with a blunt knife, leaving on the roe (alternatively, ask your fishmonger to do this for you).
You are very blunt , candid and brutally honest.
Use of the patch may blunt or avoid pill-associated problems of sedation, rebound blood pressure changes and need for daily pill use.
As to when that might be, he is blunt : ‘When I’m dragged out kicking and screaming, or my body packs in.’
He didn’t see her as being such a blunt person all the time, but instead got the idea that she was simply trying to tell him something about her nature without actually saying anything.
Tommy’s behavior demonstrated – behind the backs of his counselors – that he could not wait until he got out so he could smoke a blunt .
This is a pretty blunt warning that candidates who are seen as anti-American, or as hoping for things to go wrong, are doomed.
All he saw was a blunt knife but that would have to do.
When I get hold of her she is blunt and straight to the point – there is a clear link and she found it.
Hold the oyster with a thick cloth and insert a blunt knife firmly into the hinges at the side of the shell.
And if they had hoped to tidy up their beards they would have had to make do with a blunt razor they should have changed weeks ago.
He was quite blunt and critical about the way the authorities had mishandled the situation and gave many thought provoking suggestions as to how this problem could be remedied.
She thought just flat out saying yes would be a little too blunt .
The anterior jaw is a blunt , boxy affair, made up of thick, relatively massive bones.
Such a move would help to blunt criticism at home and calm concerns abroad.
He was hit over the head with a blunt implement and was found unconscious, suffering from a fractured skull, minutes later lying on a grass verge.
Of course, our stoner friend is caught blood-red handed while trying to roll up the blunt .
I went to counseling and therapy, but it didn’t really help much, the only thing that could help me release my pain was a blunt .
The scans showed that only brain areas associated with the sensation of touch were activated when volunteers were touched with blunt needles.
But her effort to blunt the criticism by spending the week on television and in news media briefings may have had the opposite effect.
Because the barrel’s end is hollowed out, saving weight, the end is blunt rather than rounded.
As a conversationalist he’s blunt and frank, even chummily so, yet not very interesting; and he holds no mysteries.
The posterior edges of the nasals are rounded and blunt , and do not narrow to a slender point as they do in H. gregarius.
Antigay groups, eager to blunt further progress by gay activists, are mobilizing to bolster the organization.
Ski ‘N’ Roll, as this new sport is called, needs quite cheap equipment – roller skates and poles withoutblunt tips, that is.
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