Terjemahan dari capricious
tdk terduga-duga
yg berubah-ubah
changeable, changeful, variable, varied, fickle, capricious
fickle, wishy-washy, capricious
Definisi capricious
given to sudden and unaccountable changes of mood or behavior.
a capricious and often brutal administration
sinonim: fickle, inconstant, changeable, variable, mercurial, volatile, unpredictable, temperamental, whimsical, fanciful, flighty, quirky, faddish
  • fickle, inconstant, changeable, variable, mercurial, volatile, unpredictable, temperamental,whimsical, fanciful, flighty, quirky, faddish
  • freakish
  • whimsical, impulsive
Lebih sedikit sinonim
I have a strange, queasy feeling that I can never impart to him about how capricious and arbitrary a regime like this can be.
It is capricious and fickle, changing moods easily.
Exhausted and in constant pain, she had to contend with vast, unfathomable personality changes that made her capricious , indecisive, impatient and intolerant.
Nature is regarded as the provider of bounty, but also as wild, awesome and capricious , with unpredictable catastrophes, like floods and storms at sea.
The true gods are fickle and capricious and care little for the affairs of men, but the piper was different.
It is as if we, temperamental and capricious , have been having a stormy affair with aloof, indifferent El Niño.
Ultimately, that’s for the voters to decide, and recent history shows them to be a mercurial, at timescapricious lot.
It’s an amusing idea, that even the harbingers of capitalism are subject to the ever-changing moods ofcapricious Mother Nature.
Please allow me to maintain my self-image as capricious , arbitrary and unfair.
Let us say that on a rare, windy day in Waterloo, someone leaves a copy of our beloved Imprint on a bench outside, completely at the mercy of the fickle, capricious wind.
It will be a difficult task as the ship has become overloaded, capricious and the ocean is tempestuous.
It is an immensely tough way of living but one which now, with over-grazing and an increasinglycapricious climate, is beginning to look very vulnerable.
While the sprites that run the weather here are capricious , their temperaments are contained within some very strict limits.
The capricious god changed Ariadne into the Corona Cressa, or Cretan Diadem, already visible in the heavens in Titian’s Bacchus and Ariadne as an omen at their first meeting.
In any event, I reserve the right to be arbitrary and capricious in choosing which comments to delete because they cross the line.
Luckily enough, ostriches are not capricious animals and easily adapt to the climate in Bulgaria.
He can be so sweet sometimes, he’s just very capricious and whimsical.
The woman was so fickle-minded and capricious that Agueda often found herself confused.
I miss her because she was capricious and unreliable, and because minis are the kind of car that make people smile.
Even those who have climbed in the Alps or the lower Himalayas, find it hard to understand the appeal of such a brutal and capricious mountain.
Neither has the tsunami anything in common with God’s final judgement, as the tsunami killed and destroyed capriciously , without rhyme or reason.
Whether you interpret such behavior as capriciousness or hard-core adventure, enduring it is a price you must occasionally pay.
We felt that we were asking them to abide by their standards, which were being executed capriciously.
And I like to think there’s still a little of that capriciousness to my choices.
As it was, this random capriciousness on his part ended up providing me with my main home address for the next 16 years.
I don’t want laws that aren’t enforced but serve a symbolic function – except when they’re capriciouslyenforced.
Officials who treat citizens capriciously should not be surprised when citizens use the legislature to put the officials on a shorter leash.
Y’know, I’m starting to be concerned at my own capriciousness .
But can an Assembly be dissolved arbitrarily, capriciously , whimsically, at the absolute discretion of a Chief Minister?
The Romans, intuitively, seemed to know better, for they named it after the goddess they feared for her vengefulness, capriciousness and cruelty.



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