Terjemahan dari preserve
maintain, defend, preserve, hold, stand, stand up
alienate, exile, isolate, seclude, relegate, preserve
keep, maintain, take care of, guard, preserve, safeguard
protect, safeguard, shield, preserve, cover, secure
preserve, pacify, reassure, prosecute, mollify, harbor
preserve, conserve, cure, pickle, can
maintain, keep, preserve, nurture, care, nourish
perpetuate, preserve
preserve, wake, be on duty, be on the look-out for
preserve, pickle
membuat tahan lama
preserve, pledge, advance payment
jam, jelly, preserve, jell
suaka alam
preserve, game preserve, game reserve
suaka margasatwa
game reserve, game preserve, preserve
jelly, jam, jell, preserve
Definisi preserve
food made with fruit preserved in sugar, such as jam or marmalade.
home-made preserves
sinonim: jam, jelly, marmalade, conserve, fruit spread
a sphere of activity regarded as being reserved for a particular person or group.
the civil service became the preserve of the educated middle class
sinonim: domain, area, field, sphere, orbit, realm, province, territory, turf, bailiwick
a place where game is protected and kept for private hunting or shooting.
National forests present more challenges than do private game preserves .
sinonim: sanctuary, (game) reserve, reservation, protected area
maintain (something) in its original or existing state.
all records of the past were zealously preserved
sinonim: conserve, protect, maintain, care for, look after
  • jam, jelly, marmalade, conserve, fruit spread
  • domain, area, field, sphere, orbit, realm, province, territory, turf, bailiwick
  • sanctuary, (game) reserve, reservation, protected area
  • preserves, conserve, conserves
  • conserve, protect, maintain, care for, look after
  • continue (with), conserve, keep going, maintain, uphold, sustain, perpetuate
  • guard, protect, keep, defend, safeguard, shelter, shield
  • conserve, bottle, can, freeze, dry, freeze-dry, cure, smoke, pickle
  • continue, uphold, bear on, carry on
  • save
  • maintain, conserve, keep up
  • keep
Lebih sedikit sinonim
a fight to preserve local democracy
Previously, this was the preserve of government officials only but Commissioner for Tourism Eva Cheng confirmed that the government was considering a public element.
In American academia, the study of Islamic cultures in Africa has long been the preserve of specialists.
Yet, as after the First World War, there were also strong forces at work to preserve traditions and existing interests.
There is, however, enough money available to maintain and preserve the mill in good working order.
The 218 flats are arranged in three blocks, set back from the road to preserve an existing belt of trees and minimise noise disturbance.
The Commissions’ draft bill aims to preserve the existing level of consumer protection in a single, clear and accessible statute, with guidelines on how to decide whether a contract term is unfair.
New technology is available to all age groups, it is not the preserve of young people.
They used to be the preserve of academics but now rare books are going online, says John Sutherland
Such would preserve the existing ecology and prevent further development of residences and/or services.
This is a mainly male preserve and picnics flourish throughout the summer on match days.
With few around to own the enormous houses he created in Park Circus, the area became the preserveof lawyers, surveyors and other professionals who have their offices there.
To preserve Wadi Rum’s pristine natural beauty, the Jordanian government has now thrown the protective screen of national park status around the entire area.
The landowner may feel a guilt of sorts when he converts the land into a hunting preserve .
The national monument is designed to resist age and to preserve the memory of its past, present, and future citizens.
Cyberspace is no longer the preserve of English speakers.
But some are beginning to participate in an activity once thought to be the preserve of technology geeks and political partisans.
What about the reverse situation, where the public wants to preserve an existing building rather than require the inclusion of certain aesthetic features in new ones?
There’s no better fruit preserve I know of – and you could be enjoying the very first jar just a few hours from now.
It’s putting tools that were once the preserve of Big Media into the hands of the many.
Farmer Dan Giles turned 2,000 of his 3,000 acres into a hunting preserve for deer, turkey and quail.
Scots women fought to preserve personal freedom and equality.
a jar of cherry preserve
The ticket income is far from enough for them to maintain and preserve the gardens.
They need to be combined with sugar and made into some kind of preserve , like the traditional rowan jelly often served with roast venison, wood pigeon or wild duck.
Weardale was at this time a forested area that belonged to the Bishops of Durham, who used it as a hunting preserve .
I mean, historically, universities fought very hard to preserve their independence and autonomy.
With an already existing building the challenge is to personalize and humanize the existing spaces and to preserve those spaces that enhance community.
Rwanda held a traditional naming ceremony for some of its rare mountain gorillas on Saturday in an effort to attract tourism and help to preserve one of the world’s most endangered species.
Straying into territory more usually the preserve of English or philosophy professors, they have decided that the problem with their work is not how it is done.
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