Terjemahan dari litigious
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yg dpt dibantah
debatable, disputable, impugnable, objectionable, litigious
Definisi litigious
concerned with lawsuits or litigation.
We may shake our heads and say sadly that this is a ‘litigious age,’ but our experience has been that only litigious processes guarantee the rights of all concerned.
  • Two related factors are our litigious natures and greed for easy money.
  • Is this person likely to be litigious and bring lawsuits crashing down on the company?
  • Ireland might hold the unenviable title of being the most litigious country in the world.
  • His litigious and tumultuous year away from football is also a concern.
  • Across the area, event organisers are having to face the consequences of an increasingly litigious society.
  • On the subject of suing, does he think the media culture today is becoming overly litigious ?
  • In making the determination whether or not there is that necessary element of repetition one looks at the whole history of the defendant’s litigious activity.
  • I guess one thing that would also be said about that is that eight months to deal with the litigious rights of some 600,000 litigants is pretty good judicial economy, looked at that way.
  • By January, because of our increasingly litigious society, that had increased to almost £20,000.
  • If you look at it year on year there is probably a move upwards – it is a more litigious society now and legal fees are more structured now.
  • All electronic communication, regardless of the medium, is now potential evidentiary fact in our litigious society.
  • But nothing in the Convention jurisprudence requires courts to shut their eyes to the practical realities of litigious life even in a reasonably well-organised legal system.
  • I’ve never considered a contract, but I don’t live in a hugely litigious society.
  • Inevitably, we must await judicial clarification of such words as purports to confer a benefit, but clearly there is room for litigious dispute.
  • The NFL is the most litigious league of all the professional sports.
  • But some clowns are concerned about the legal risks of throwing custard pies, what with society becoming more litigious .
  • We know that we are a highly litigious nation.
  • But also a long-term cultural shift towards a more litigious society.
  • We may shake our heads and say sadly that this is a ‘litigious age,’ but our experience has been that only litigious processes guarantee the rights of all concerned.
  • Local landowners are well aware of their rights over land and highly litigious when they are aggrieved.
  • Though Americans are notoriously litigious, the plague of lawsuits is largely a myth.
  • Englishmen were notoriously litigious , but that represented a willingness to submit to the arbitration of the king’s courts.
  • In fact, this kind of construction will draw a massive legal reaction from ever litigious New Yorkers.
  • Our increasingly litigious society could also have serious consequences for dog owners.
  • And all we’re wanting to do is ensure that in a highly litigious city, in a highly litigious society, that we make sure as far as is possible, that lawyers bring cases that are reasonable and fair.
  • By the by, I have often wondered why Bulgarian society is not more litigious .
  • In most litigious situations the expression ‘waiver’ is used to describe a voluntary, informed and unequivocal election by a party not to claim a right or raise an objection which it is open to that party to claim or raise.
  • Indeed, it is an area characterised by low investment and declining innovation, partly as a result of the climate of risk aversion and litigiousness , particularly in the USA.
  • In the current climate of litigiousness and antipathy to big companies, one can understand the haste to withdraw it voluntarily from the market.
  • When oil demand and price slid in 1998, oil companies cut expenditures for exploration and production-and canceled drilling contracts, consensually or litigiously .



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