Saat petama buka kamus Inggris Indonesia, inilah arti kata “purgatory” yang saya dapatkan :

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Ada definisi khusus dari kata purgatory yang didapat dari kamus monolingual

(in Roman Catholic doctrine) a place or state of suffering inhabited by the souls of sinners who are expiating their sins before going to heaven.

We Catholics believe in the purgatory and the heavens.

having the quality of cleansing or purifying.
infernal punishments are purgatory and medicinal

Lebih jelas lagi artinya ketika kita baca penjelasan yang ada di Wikipedia sebagai berikut :

In Roman Catholic theology, Purgatory (Latin: Purgatorium, via Anglo-Norman and Old French) is an intermediate state after physical death in which some of those ultimately destined for heaven must first “undergo purification, so as to achieve the holiness necessary to enter the joy of heaven,” holding that “certain offenses can be forgiven in this age, but certain others in the age to come.” And that entrance into Heaven requires the “remission before God of the temporal punishment due to [venial] sins whose guilt has already been forgiven,” for which indulgences may be given which remove “either part or all of the temporal punishment due to sin,” such as an “unhealthy attachment” to sin. Only those who die in the state of grace but have not yet fulfilled the temporal punishment due to their sin can be in Purgatory, and therefore no one in Purgatory will remain forever in that state nor go to hell. The notion of Purgatory is associated particularly with the Latin Rite of the Catholic Church (in the Eastern sui juris churches or rites it is a doctrine, though it is not often called “Purgatory”, but the “final purification” or the “final theosis”).

Although denying the existence of purgatory as formulated in Roman Catholic doctrine, the Anglican and Methodist traditions along with Eastern Orthodoxy, affirm the existence of an intermediate state, Hades, and thus pray for the dead, as do many Lutheran Churches, such as the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America, which “remembers the faithful departed in the Prayers of the People every Sunday, including those who have recently died and those commemorated on the church calendar of saints”. Eastern Orthodox Churches believe in the possibility of a change of situation for the souls of the dead through the prayers of the living and the offering of the Divine Liturgy, and many Orthodox, especially among ascetics, hope and pray for a general apocatastasis. Judaism also believes in the possibility of after-death purification and may even use the word “purgatory” to present its understanding of the meaning of Gehenna.

The word Purgatory has come to refer also to a wide range of historical and modern conceptions of postmortem suffering short of everlasting damnation, and is used, in a non-specific sense, to mean a condition or state of suffering or torment, especially one that is temporary.

Tambah gak nyambung khan dengan kamus Inggris – Indonesia?

Google Translate juga memberikan definisi yang lebih memperjelas artinya. Menurut Google, beberapa sinonim dari purgatory antara lain :

  • torment – siksaan
  • torture – siksaan 
  • misery – penderitaan, kesengsaraan, kemiskinan
  • suffering – penderitaan, penyiksaan
  • affliction – penderitaan, kemalangan
  • anguish – derita yang mendalam
  • agony – penyiksaan
  • woe – dukacita
  • hell – neraka
  • an ordeal – siksaan
  • a nightmare – mimpi buruk

Untuk lebih menjiwai artinya, simaklah beberapa contoh kalimat di bawah ini

I think he has applied his vast study of Augustine’s writings on the redemptive power of suffering and the Church’s teaching on purgatory .

Founded either by individuals, guilds, or corporations, chantries were endowments for offering masses usually near a person’s tomb or effigy, for the soul’s repose in purgatory .

These were endowments to pay for masses to be sung (Latin cantare, ‘to sing’), usually near a tomb or effigy, for the repose of one or more souls in purgatory .

I am still heavily medicated and in pain, but can’t see an end to this purgatory .

He explains that as a Catholic, the ideas of purgatory , heaven and hell, enter strongly into Kelly’s worldview and because of this he must convince the audience, and himself, of his innocence.

It tells a story, too, that is very much of our times: that of bearing witness, from the eerie comfort of a new world, to a past for which the present must dwell in an endless, civilised purgatory .

Allow me to explain: today, my library’s copies of the Wolves in the Walls arrived, to much jubilation, after sitting in cataloging purgatory for some time.

Shows last week had discussions on Marian devotion, purgatory , and other Catholic doctrines.

A Catholic priest gives the last rites to the dying and may offer a mass for a soul that departed to purgatory before making peace with God.

Chris, then, has fallen from grace and is living in a kind of purgatory , respected but terribly alone, knowing he can never be forgiven because the person he wronged is dead.

So perhaps before we indulge ourselves in a ritual sneer at those luckless rich, with their empty life of floating purgatory , we should look a little harder at ourselves and our own view of the outside world.

All sins must be paid for, and those who had not done enough good deeds in life to compensate must suffer pain in purgatory until their sins were expiated

Christianity believes in the purificatory fires of the purgatory , and the eternal fires of hell.

I might add that none of this will be truly impressive until scientists find a way to measure the effects on souls in purgatory , traditionally the chief target of intercessory prayer.

She suffered greatly in her final years, yet always offered it up for the poor suffering souls in purgatory .

At the same time, the emphasis on the life of the soul in purgatory , heaven, or hell made the corpse irrelevant to popular perceptions of life after death.

Pope Sixtus IV’s fund-raising campaign touted indulgences which would free your deceased loved ones suffering in purgatory .

One answer to the optimists’ dilemma is a resurgent and slightly revised doctrine of purgatory .

I find it particularly galling because, in this country, we have had to suffer pretty near total purgatory at the hands of our various enforcement agencies who seem to start from the premise that we are all members of that same Mafia clan.

He maintains the youngster’s idea of purgatory is a couple of hours on a running track or in a gym.

Residents of a South Lakeland hamlet are in political purgatory after members of the parish council resigned over red tape.

In the purgatory, he meets Beatrice, who takes him by the hand and – you guess it it – leads him to paradise.

There is a selection of prayers for the souls in purgatory .

No wonder he told reporters last week: ‘It was pure purgatory .’

But to travel hundreds of miles to do this again and again, end on end, night after night, seems like a freehand sketch of purgatory .

Second, you must submit to a two-and-a-half year purgatory of character assassination and blatant distortion of your record as a public official.

By depicting kings and emperors suffering torments in purgatory , thinly-veiled criticisms were levelled at rulers who did not live up to the model of Christian kingship.

For Arthur, separation from Alec was purgatory , although the pair believed they were in touch telepathically.

Peruvians’ notion of an afterlife very much follows Catholic notions of heaven, purgatory , and hell.The Dubliner had been loitering in football’s equivalent of purgatory since his high-profile sacking from Leeds United in June 2002.



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