Terjemahan dari nuance
nuance, shade
perbedaan kecil
nuance, nicety
Definisi nuance
a subtle difference in or shade of meaning, expression, or sound.
the nuances of facial expression and body language
sinonim: fine distinction, subtle difference, shade, shading, gradation, variation, degree, subtlety, nicety, overtone
give nuances to.
the effect of the music is nuanced by the social situation of listeners
  • fine distinction, subtle difference, shade, shading, gradation, variation, degree, subtlety,nicety, overtone
  • refinement, nicety, shade, subtlety
Well, I don’t think the objection captures the nuance of the Catholic position.
There is no nuance to her character, no secret artistic passion or deep personal pain.
Rather, he is a musician’s musician, one who harvests a composition for its intimacy and expressivenuance .
The new animation done specifically for this release captures every nuance of the series.
Blackwood’s earliest stories exhibit a richly nuanced appreciation of the monstrosity of ordinary life.
To them, I say, you obviously don’t appreciate the subtle comedic nuances of Question Time.
Nuanced analysis was sorely lacking from the recent UK debate about the problem with nurseries.
You can savor delicate musical nuances without disturbing others.
The author provides a surprisingly informed and nuanced analysis of the domestic political map in each country.
Washington and Schreiber both turn in finely nuanced performances in roles that could easily have been overly simplistic.
Students also appreciated the added nuances and inflections of meaning that are possible in speech.
Understanding such cultural nuances is important and can avoid unfortunate mishaps.
He needs to get a little bigger, but he understands the nuances of a difficult position.
Corporate and government leaders can’t grasp the nuances of a process – they have no idea.
Field shows how we can and should embrace a more nuanced understanding of human nature.
Where can they find people who understand the culture, down to its finest nuances ?
It’s not a point of view I’ve ever heard before, and I may not entirely have got the subtler nuances of it.
“Baby We’ll Be Fine ” is a devastatingly nuanced portrait of a struggling couple.
Hilarious, poignant and subtly nuanced , the drama contains many and varied gifts for contemporary audiences.
He joined Barista as a brew master and soon mastered the finer nuances of coffee.
Once you absorb the delightfully twisted story, further viewings will reveal the carefully nuancedcomedic background.
Blogging can only tolerate so much serious, prolonged, highly nuanced discussion among total strangers.
Cultural nuances play a roll in the use and acceptance of communications technologies in Asia.
What other moods and emotional nuances are portrayed by the rapper actors?
This article presents a more nuanced picture by positing a complex relationship between China and Japan.
Silence here is related to nuances of meaning and shifts in a writer’s focus.
Clark’s finely nuanced reading of Yellowstone is interlaced with memories of his own childhood trips there.
Robin Rose is known for subtly nuanced , richly textured paintings that examine the expressive possibilities of monochromatic abstraction.
In short, he’s learning subtle nuances .
With her full concentration on her subject, she caught little nuances those with pads or recorders missed.




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