lurk artinya  mengintai atau mengintai siap menerkam

lurker is a person who lurks, in particular a user of an Internet message board or chat room who does not participate.

I lurk on SIG listservs and go to SIG websites to get a picture of the issues being brought forward and discussed.
Contoh-contoh  Kalimat :
Can anyone recommend good forums for me to lurk around?
Surprises and plotters lurk along the road ahead waiting to ambush him.
What I’m gonna do is collect a whole bunch of quotes from a few of the blogs I lurk around and read, and post ’em all here with scant regard to their original context!
They always lurk behind me, waiting with their jaws open, licking their lips.
If you’re new to a list, it’s a good idea to lurk (read without writing anything back) for a day or two, just to get a feel for the flavor of the list.
I suspect that a lot more read the posts and lurk .
In checking my email this morning, i was really disturbed by a message on a mailing list that i lurk .
The cowardly cyber-stalkers and other anonymous yellow-bellied hatemongers who lurk on the Internet, preying on decent folks, can jolly well lump it.
Although depression, anxiety and shame may lurk beneath the surface, what’s on the table is usually relationship problems.
Here’s the idea – lurk around on a few discussion boards and poach some of the good ideas you see there.
They grab tickets en masse for scalpers, lurk in chat rooms to hand out ads, skew recommendation systems, and scrape pricing data.
They don’t read blogs, lurk in chatrooms or give much weight to professional media critics.
As the name of the bay suggests, tiger sharks lurk nearby, waiting for opportune times to attack.
He’d link and lurk , and occasionally carefully compose a question, and send the discussion into the group and get an answer.
Until Sasquatch was cornered, Santee would lurk in the background waiting to strike.
To outsiders this might appear to be a perfect relationship, but danger can lurk beneath the calm surface.
FR also has its share of characters, whom you will begin to notice if you lurk long enough.
They planned their attack for when we all came back from Vivienne’s funeral, lurking in wait in our respective rooms.
I guess Michael Powell has been lurking on some of these community WiFi mailing lists.
If I ever had a desire to explore Traditionalism, it is completely extinguished every time I encounter a Traditionalist and I imagine there are numerous other lurkers out there who feel the same.
It might also liberate some telling numbers already lurking in file drawers upstairs.
It’s nice to have that leeway, in case there are any bad days lurking .
This is one of the most wonderful things about blogging, that the lovely messages from people in the blogosphere, friends, acquaintances and lurkers say some wonderfully supportive things.
‘What an appetite you have,’ my sister said with acidity lurking beneath her fake sweetness.
Trolling a large lure in mid-river was the undoing of the monster predator that was lurking in the deep section
It was all too easy to imagine one saw the gleam of metal as Rim troops lurked in ambush.
Whatever it was out there amongst the ferns, he didn’t know, but it was lurking , waiting.
Men were lurking around here, waiting for a cute lady to walk by.
Finally, I get to meet some of my fellow bloggers, and one or two lurkers .



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