Terjemahan dari lavish
luxurious, plush, posh, sumptuous, lavish, deluxe
extravagant, profligate, lavish, spendthrift, prodigal, profuse
free, liberal, unimpeded, lavish
generous, extravagant, lavish, prodigal, unsparing, wasteful
yg berlebihan
superfluous, supererogatory, hyperbolical, copious, pleonastic, lavish
abundant, plenteous, plentiful, lavish, affluent, copious
yg berlebih-lebihan
copious, profuse, affluent, surplus, redundant, lavish
heap, lavish, pour upon
scatter, dissipate, throw, strew, sprinkle, lavish
Definisi lavish
sumptuously rich, elaborate, or luxurious.
a lavish banquet
sinonim: sumptuous, luxurious, costly, expensive, opulent, grand, splendid, rich, fancy, posh, fancy-schmancy
bestow something in generous or extravagant quantities upon.
the media couldn’t lavish enough praise on the film
sinonim: give freely to, spend generously on, bestow on, heap on, shower with
sumptuous, generous, abundant, unsparing, lush
give freely to, shower
36 sinonim lain
The directors’ lavish lifestyles and sumptuous houses on the outskirts of Sydney raised the heckles of the Australian public.
If you’re not ready to spoil your pet with lavish gifts and gourmet treats just yet, start small.
He paid lavish praise to the girls for their wonderful liturgy.
The surveillance team was rewarded with leftovers from the lavish banquets, which were much better than their usual fare.
It was in his time that the use of rosewater as a flavouring for food came into vogue in the lavish and sumptuous cuisine of the Arabs.
True, beyond lavish praise, Los Angeles has always been a place of dreams and metaphors.
Well, I think it is rather lavish .
There was also a live concert of indigenous music and a lavish banquet.
Of course the costumes and sets are lush and lavish .
The Queen will get things under way on Thursday night at a lavish opening ceremony.
Gone were the lavish decorations that had adorned the walls to celebrate their arrival that first time, but even so it was still far too overly decorated for Matthew’s taste.
He also lives the kind of lavish lifestyle that also doesn’t come cheaply.
The perfect spot for calm and quiet intimacy before more lavish dinners, drinks and dancing on the upper floors.
Ngaanyatjarra is an especially rich and lavish language, both in its grades of meaning and its structure and its sound.
As a newly promoted side, anywhere in the top 10 will earn lavish praise.
I only wish for a small wedding, no gifts or lavish food or gowns, just my family and their blessings.
There was an unending search for blockbusters that depended on lavish sets and costly special effects, to draw crowds into the cinema halls.
This lavish , opulent approach – one might call it ‘good taste with good humour’ – is typical of her style.
They are generous, petty, lavish with their opinions, open-hearted.
There were various celebrations honoring the gods, often accompanied by lavish banquets.
He threw some of the most lavish parties Fort Worth had ever seen.
The new team, despite being warned, bestowed lavish gifts upon that one man.
I had twin sons and lived a rather lavish lifestyle.
But it was the landscape that attracted his most lavish praise as they traveled.
But football, critics say, is coddled by school administrators and boards who lavish the sport with the best equipment, conditioning and coaching – to the detriment of girls’ programs.
He was lavish with her, but not like the movie would have you believe.
Any time your children show good manners – which is at the heart of being considerate and kind –lavish praise on them.
They’re not extravagant or lavish , really, but he runs into the kitchen and stands on my feet every time he hears me open the cupboard.
This is a genuine reflection of his entire approach which in recent days has evoked lavish praise in the financial press on both sides of the English Channel.
He was a lavish philanthropist, endowing hospitals and libraries as well as the famous art gallery.



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