Terjemahan dari vet
check, check out, examine, inspect, verify, vet
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Definisi vet
make a careful and critical examination of (something).
proposals for vetting large takeover bids
sinonim: check, examine, scrutinize, investigate, inspect, look over, screen, assess, evaluate, appraise, check out
check, examine, scrutinize, investigate, inspect, look over, screen, assess, evaluate,appraise, check out
Contoh vetted
After an initial set of interviews, they were then vetted and approved by the War College’s Commandant.
The suggestion that people should be vetted before being allocated local authority housing is outrageous.
The formation of any company requires that directors must be vetted and registered, while other large transactions require court documentation.
At his rallies, composed of carefully vetted supporters, people who oppose him have been thrown out and even arrested.
It is thought that the directory will be one of only two in the country and it will include carefully vettedtraders who cover a range of services from glazing to roofing.
Hospital networks may have thousands of access points, making it impossible to restrict access solely to staff who have been personally vetted by each doctor.
All translators are vetted even for unclassified type work.
In his 25 years in banking, former EBS general manager Michael Keane vetted many proposals from firms looking for money.
Those permitted to buy currency at this reduced rate are vetted , and do not include ordinary Zimbabweans.
She liked to surround herself with attractive people and her portraits were carefully vetted to make sure that no physical flaws were ever revealed.
Miller and her editors not only admit that the military vetted her story, they virtually boast of it.
I was under the impression that all questions were vetted by you before they went on to the Order Paper.
He was vetted by the Home Office when he helped set up the local youth offending team.
Becker vetted the lists, using them as a starting point for future research questions.
Have you made certain that all baby-sitters are vetted , especially relatives?
At the same time, candidates for important jobs within the Mexican government were vetted with the international financiers.
Every man on Hannah’s list has been personally vetted by Hannah with references followed up – and they are all police-checked.
For example, anyone who has anything to do with cancer research should be vetted for links with carcinogen-producing industries.
Mr J was to receive a ‘carefully and independently vetted account of the conclusions to be drawn from the risk analysis.’
Two weeks ago ministers decided to require all new teaching staff to be vetted by the bureau.
That’s why the group adopted an interview process, whereby people could be vetted before being allowed to a ceremony.
Weapons of a certain power have to be licensed and everyone who applies for a licence is carefullyvetted , and must keep their guns in locked, burglar-proof cupboards.
The first is ensuring that everything about the move is vetted carefully by all major relevant actors.
They are too busy vetting serious proposals to schmooze with interesting companies that might not need cash right now.
The government’s Film Bureau vets scripts, decides when, and if, the finished films can be screened, and whether they can be shown at foreign film festivals.
Representatives of the American government, the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund vetevery potential oil contract.
The lack of franchise regulations made vetting licensees that much more important.
For the vetting procedure, we have now established a procedure to scrutinize and meticulously vet our intelligence agencies’ recruits.
He alleges that the charity discriminated against him by vetting him with the Northern Ireland Office.
Even so, architects are carefully vetting developer agreements in hopes of deflecting litigation.
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